American Profit Recovery Provides Consumer Tips for Financial Literacy Month

Collection Agency Distributes How To Video on Ways to Manage Debt Payments

Online PR News – 09-April-2013 – Marlborough, Mass – Collection agency American Profit Recovery for years has not only provided sound advice for businesses struggling with late paying customers but has also go to great lengths to educate the consumers they serve on how to navigate their debt.

Collection agencies deal with a whole host of consumer issues on a daily basis and in the case of American Profit Recovery, collectors work diplomatically and respectfully to develop solutions that will benefit both the consumer and the business. Working with the collector to come up with a solution to a late bill is something everyone in this situation should do.

American Profit Recovery has come up with a number of tips to help consumers who find themselves behind on their obligations:

Communication: There is no benefit to ignoring calls regarding outstanding payments. It is always in the best interest of a consumer to pick up the phone and communicate with the business or third party responsible for collecting the debt. Not communicating can lead to other collection activity.

Validate the debt: A consumer must make sure that in fact, the debt is theirs. There are many cases in which a consumer will receive notification of a bill gone past due and it may not be their debt. It is perfectly acceptable and encouraged to ask a collector for documentation that shows the debt is legitimate. If the consumer finds that the debt is not theirs, communicating that should stop any further activity.

Payment plans: Many businesses are more than happy to arrange a payment plan with their customers. The goal of American Profit Recovery when contacting consumers is to resolve the debt and not just collect the full amount. Creating a payment plan can help a consumer manage other financial obligations by not exhausting their financial resources with one payment.

Get help: American Profit Recovery promotes and supports Ask Doctor Debt, a free website that offers consumers endless resources on how to manage their debt. This valuable tool helps consumers with all kinds of issues and offers sound advice on how to navigate through personal finance challenges.

Hear some great advice from American Profit Recovery in this short video, outlining how to work with a collection agency:

About American Profit Recovery:
American Profit Recovery (APR) is a collection agency with offices in Massachusetts, Michigan and North Carolina. Founded in 2004, APR specializes in the collection of third-party debt in industries such as medical/dental, banking, trades, lawn care and other professional services. With early intervention and a strong focus on ethics and diplomacy with consumers, APR works hard to preserve the relationship between client and consumer with an ultimate goal of keeping the business relationship intact. The firm serves approximately 3,500 clients nationwide. American Profit Recovery and their team have earned many awards including Best Places to Work in Collections, The ACA International Foundation Fellow Award and Banker and Tradesman’s Gold Readership Award. 800-711-0023

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