Deseret Barber Shop revives traditional men's barbers services in Salt Lake City

Deseret Barber Shop is no unisex, quick-clip salon, but a traditional men's barber shop offering precision haircuts, straight razor face shaves, and other services lost in decades.

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – Salt Lake City, UT – Finally, the men of Salt Lake City can have their barbers again. And no quick clips.

Deseret Barber Shop brings back traditional barbering to this capital city of Utah, once replete of true blue barbers who can give precision haircuts and excellent grooming services. Deseret Barber Shop brings everything back with their good, old barbering expertise at an affordable cost.

The shop's main goal is to give the city's males relaxing service without the fancies of modern, high-end salons, while providing the highest quality haircuts and personalized service.

A Deseret Barber Shop visit can include a comprehensive set of services, such as hot lather straight razor clean-up of the ears and neck, complementary neck and shoulder massage and shampoo as requested. For the meticulous client, the shop also provides hot-towel face and head shaves. Individual services include men's haircut, youth haircut, beard shape and trim, lather head shave and deluxe facial shave with hot lather, straight razor, hot steaming towels and moisturizers.

Over two decades ago, many barber shops closed and were replaced by hair salons that mainly served female clients. Today, Deseret Barber Shop is breaking through with a revival of the barbering tradition that males can never be more at home with.

Aside from precision haircuts and loads of pampering, the shop is also known for employing the most well-trained and accommodating barbers in Salt Lake City.

One thing that sets Deseret Barber Shop from unisex salons is its penchant for continuity. Its age-old standards of service excellence are well-preserved, unlike modern-themed salons that change with cultural shifts. Barbers at Deseret Barber Shop are looking all the same, giving males that familiar comfort and confidence of going to the place where Dad took them to get their first haircut. Barbers are also quick to remember clients, their head contours and haircut preferences, so it's easy for them to perform work that truly delivers.

At Deseret Barber Shop, the experience is straightforward and nothing close to the drama that usually comes with a visit to female-dominated salons. Except for a good dose of jokes and humor, a trip to Deseret is mostly what men want - straightforward barbering.

Of course, there's the added perk of coming with discount coupons which are available at their website. With a coupon, a client can be served with all the traditional barbering goodness that Deseret Barber Shop is known for at a price cut of up to 50%. To further improve its services, the shop also provides clients the opportunity to express how they feel about their Deseret experience by way of surveys.

The roots of Deseret Barber Shop can be traced back to 1909 when it was first known as the Deseret Gym Barber Shop, then located in a gym between Hotel Utah and the Church Office building. Today, it remains in the same historical location with the same old barbering traditions infused with a few modern touches, making it the place to be for the best mens haircuts in Salt Lake City. For more information, please visit :