LOKSAK, Inc. Offers Waterproof Storage Bags for Diverse Applications

LOKSAK, Inc. is offering high-quality waterproof storage bags engineered for a diverse set of applications.

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – Naples, Florida – (April 09, 2013) - LOKSAK, Inc. is offering high-quality waterproof storage bags engineered for a diverse set of applications. In the business since 1998, the company takes pride in being a premium producer and distributor of the only fully resalable, waterproof, dust-proof, and humidity-proof storage products currently available on the market.

Designed to keep contents safe from water and other fluids, the bags feature a hermetic seal that make them exceptionally well suited for purposes beyond their original specifications. The company’s products are also impervious to humidity, air, biohazard materials, and the type of fine sand found in the Middle East. The versatility of its products allows many original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies to integrate LOKSAK bags and packaging into their own product lines.

For those concerned with protection from more than just the physical elements, SHIELDSAK bags perform double-duty by blocking data scans and preventing hackers from illegally accessing private information. With identity theft on the rise, SHIELDSAK provides safe transport and storage for privacy-sensitive items like touchscreen phones and tablets, data-embedded passports, and credit cards by blocking the radio frequency (RF) signals that hackers use to track and steal personal data.

The business sells its waterproof bags to outdoor, travel, electronics, medical, and many other civilian markets, as well as to numerous military, government, and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Major purchasers of their products include institutions such as the FBI Hazardous Materials Response Unit, FEMA, REI, Eastern Mountain Sports, Gore, North Face, Dell, The Container Store, TraveSmith, and more.

LOKSAK is a leading provider of sealed storage containers and packaging products for clients from different parts of the globe. They feature a large selection of state-of-the-art products designed for reliability and durability. The company is dedicated to delivering lightweight, high-performance, and cost-efficient solutions that offer the best long-term value for users.

Clients can make purchases through the company’s HTTPS-secured e-commerce portal. The site allows transactions to be completed without the risks of Internet fraud, phishing, and other online identity theft treats.

Parties interested in custom options may contact LOKSAK for more information by visiting by visiting the website: www.loksak.com.