DDA Announces No Involvement with Former Employee’s Felony

Debt Defense of America (DDA), debt invalidation services provider, has announced no involvement with their former employee, Mr. Robert Child’s arrest. Mr. Child was arrested for violating his probation period.

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – Fountain Valley, California – Fountain Valley, California, April 2, 2013: Debt Defense of America (DDA), a financial and debt service provider, has announced that the company is in no way involved with and was completely unaware of their former employee, Mr. Robert Child’s violation of his probation period. Mr. Childs was arrested on grounds of violating his probation period, which was required of him to past mortgage and debt fraud activities.

Debt Defense of America was established about a year ago with the aim of aiding American citizens cope with their debts. Mr. Robert Childs was hired only two weeks prior to his arrest and hence the company was unaware of his criminal record and had not conducted any criminal investigation on Mr. Childs prior to hiring him. Mr. Childs had emailed the company officials four days prior to his arrest regarding his past criminal record.

Mr. Childs was hired by DDA as a National Corporate Trainer on December 5, 2013, and had trained a few independent agents in Santa Clara. He, therefore, had no access to any client’s personal information and did not manage any of DDA’s client funds. Once the company became aware of Mr. Child’s criminal record, he was immediately suspended and his employment agreement was thereafter terminated. Following Mr. Robert Childs’ termination, the company contacted the District Attorney’s office to provide further assistance against Mr. Childs.

An official from the Santa Clara District Attorney’s office, David Lim, personally reassured Mr. John Tran, the CEO of Debt Defense of America, that “DDA was not implicated in any way in any misdeeds that may have been perpetrated by Mr. Childs.” Mr. Lim also added that, “Debt Defense of America was never the subject of any investigation since it had not committed any infractions of any nature.” Debt Defense of America has ceased its relationship with Mr. Childs and will uninvolved in Mr. Childs’ case.

About Debt Defense of America: The core team at Debt Defense of America has over 75 years of collective experience in the debt and credit industry. Established in 2012, the primary goal of the company is to provide aid to Americans who are struggling under an excessive debt burden. Debt Defense of America intends to help American citizens become financially stable and recover from their debt issues. DDA also aims to deliver 100% customer satisfaction through its financial services. The value system of the company enables its members to work together and efficiently to provide a large variety of financial services to aid customers and ease their debt burden.