Construction machinery made in Hefei

2013 China (Hefei) Construction Machinery Exhibition held in Anhui International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 1 to 3 days.

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – Wuxi – 2013 China (Hefei) Construction Machinery Exhibition held in Anhui International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 1 to 3 days. As a professional exhibition, the exhibition has attracted more than 300 domestic and foreign exhibitors of the construction machinery industry. Hefei has an important influence in the field of construction machinery in the country, with this exhibition, to show the unique style of the local enterprises to showcase itself reinforced steel frame "of the force.
Boutique gathered new starting
"This exhibition brings telescopic boom crawler cranes, currently the only two companies capable of producing this crane has two advantages, one crawler can move on any road, expanded event space; automatic retractable arm more flexible. "exhibition site from Smarter Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Guo strong, briefed reporters on the" height "45 meters" big guy ".
In the aggregate cross on Auto Zone Sales Manager Mao Jun 8 products exhibition. "You see the internal combustion hydraulic electric reach trucks With this exhibition is the first public appearance, it uses a new type of environmentally friendly engines, to achieve 20% energy savings target and optimize seats, overhead guard, driver comfortable and safer. "gross military.
Many well-known merchants
The exhibition organizing committee staff revealed that this exhibition is to exhibit the products of construction machinery enterprises in Hefei and Anhui-based enterprises in the province, accounting for nearly 60%, such as Hefei Jianghuai Group Heli Forklift of Hitachi Construction God horse Heavy Industries and many other businesses are participating. The same time, the well-known manufacturers such as Liugong, Dongfeng, building workers, Futian, Lanxi Bobcats are attracted exhibitors, a total of more than
Products to be displayed, exhibited excavators, loaders, bulldozers, road rollers, cranes, Electric Stacker, piling machinery, rock drilling machines, crushing machinery, concrete machinery, asphalt mixers, all kinds of machinery parts and other high-tech products. "Due to the high profile of exhibitors, the exhibition has attracted outside the province all kinds of professionals come here, it is expected that up to 20,000 people to visit a number of customers." Organizing Committee, a responsible person.
Well-known exhibitors, participating merchants, this exhibition also achieved fruitful results. "Come to the consultation, in particular, yesterday received orders for more than 100 from Xiamen Compaq Machinery Group Sales Manager Fan Min. It is reported that The trade has yielded fruitful results show two days before the turnover exceeded 200 million yuan.
Forklifts are the nation's leading
Construction Machinery Exhibition why held in Hefei, and achieved so much success? This position in the country's construction machinery industry and Hefei are inseparable. City Commission by letter, responsible person, Hefei equipment manufacturing output last year exceeded 100 billion yuan, the construction machinery industry output value reached 430 billion yuan, accounting for nearly half. Currently, Hefei has more than 200 construction machinery enterprises.
In the field of mechanical engineering, Hefei forklifts, excavators are obvious advantages in the country. In the field of forklift(Apilador Eléctrico), Hefei Heli Forklift host manufacturers 6, some enterprises such as forklift for many years in a leading position in the country, Hefei forklift production technology in the country in a leading position in the industry "forklift" in the world. Excavator field, Hefei Hitachi Construction Machinery in the country is also in the top position.
"Because of Hefei's position in the field of construction machinery, which makes the exhibition held in Hefei, rely entirely on market appeal to 'pre-loaded', of more than 300 domestic and foreign exhibitors." The person in charge. It is reported that the show every year in Hefei held regularly, showcasing the new products of domestic and foreign construction machinery, new technology, to further promote the industrial agglomeration of Hefei construction machinery.