Macingaz Group Releases YourtTrip V1.3.0 - Travel Route Planner For Mac

Efficient travel route planner for Mac,special app for travel lovers to keep their trip information and memory.

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – ZhuHai/Guangdong – YourtTrip is a very useful app for all kinds of travelers to have.It has a fresh interface in this new version 1.3.0 which leads to a new style of planning and keeping a trip.Why YourtTrip is so popular among travelers all over the world?Because it not only has all the elements what travelers need,but also gives bridges to these elements.That makes YourtTrip feel like a personal trip manager to help users plan their itinerary,packing and even budget very handily and easily.

As a personal trip manager,it supplies users clear system to manage their trips to keep the precious memory in a better way.By this management system,travelers can not only keep the photos or audios after the vacation,but also a full map and every corner of the trip.”Travelers will never forget anything or miss any great landscape.” said Azol,CEO of Macingaz Group,”And we are pleased to release the latest version of YourtTrip.”

Key Features of YourtTrip:
* Powerful share function that is to share the trip plans with others before you start the trip or back from the trip. Via blog and email, or print them out as PDF files.
* Flexible printing to guide you the itinerary.
* Smart itinerary planning function.
* Clever packing list.
* Smart budget function give you an efficient trip.
* Clear classification system.
* Movable Time line Bar to collect all the trips.
* Elegance photo management.

What’s New in YourtTrip v1.3.0:
* New UI.
* New Itinerary Editor.
* Add multiple currency support.
* Optimized means of adding trip,event and budget.
* Add Partner Manager,in case of adding partners again and again.
* Optimized showing Trip Info.
* Bugs fixed.

Language Support:

Device Requirement:
Mac OS x 10.6 or later.
12.1 MB Hard Drive Space.

Price and Availability:
$19.99 and available in Mac App Store.

About Macingaz Group:
This is a team specializing in developing the software on Mac/iPhone/iPad.Like most of you, we love our lives and keep the passion on trip.We focus on the user experience. If you have any questions about YourtTrip, please feel free to contact us.