Tupperware ‘Care4Food’ Day

~ By bringing people together to celebrate ‘Care4Food Day’ on April 6 every year, Tupperware envisions reducing food wastage and promoting pertinent food storage habits

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – Delhi – New Delhi: April 8, 2013: It is a well known fact that a lot of natural resources go into producing food. The basic necessity of life, food, and its availability is the yardstick of how well a particular society is doing. It is thus pertinent that we as responsible citizens pay enough attention to its safeguard, and ensure that food doesn’t get wasted more. One must consider that when food is wasted, also a lot of valuable resources like land, water, energy, fertilisers, pesticides, labour and capital are wasted; making it an all-encompassing wastage of precious natural resources.

Being the world’s leading food storage brand, Tupperware endeavours to preserve food. For over six decades, Tupperware has been caring for your food, keeping it fresh and safe. As a brand that truly cares for food, Tupperware has taken an initiative to spread awareness about the best food storage practices and to educate consumers on safe storage and safeguard of food items. It is in this endeavour that Tupperware engages to celebrate the care and love towards food in the form of ‘Tupperware Care4Food Day’, and has designated April 6th as its official celebratory day.

Tupperware believes that good health begins with well-preserved food, and thus in an effort to create greater awareness towards caring for food and reducing food wastage, has initiated a plethora of activities around ‘Tupperware Care4Food Day’ which seeks to encourage consumers to safeguard food. The initiative marks the introduction of novel ideas that can help preserve food for longer, thus helping in minimizing wastage and maximizing value. Creating a 360 degree activation module which includes promotion on varied mass media like Television, Print, Radio and Social Media; the ‘Tupperware Care4Food’ Day endeavours to reach out to the masses.

In the campaign, Tupperware has also created a ‘Care4Food’ pledge which encourages people to reduce food wastage. Utilizing leftover food, Tupperware has come up with special recipes which help people reduce food wastage by reusing unused food effectively with Tupperware’s innovative food safety product range.

Tupperware is also reaching out to people at various touch points to run an awareness drive against food wastage and encouraging people to sign up for caring for food through an “I-Pledge”campaign.

Ms. Asha Gupta, Managing Director, Tupperware India says “For us at Tupperware, food is sacred. Our products are designed to keep food fresh for longer, resulting in reduced food wastage. It has been a part of our vision to help each home make the most of their food by storing it well and eating healthy. Under the Care4Food initiative, each of our functions is aligned to achieve that vision.

“Food is a precious resource and should not be wasted. In today’s price rise and expensive lifestyle, it is essential that we try and save and be sensible in all our actions. Thus through this initiative, we hope to create greater awareness about correct ways to handle and store food so that we as a nation, waste as little food as possible.” she added.

To make the ‘Tupperware Care4Food’ initiative more relevant, Tupperware has also focussed on specific food storage ranges that help preserve food for longer durations, without losing their nutritional value and freshness. Range of products by Tupperware, which promote pertinent food habits feature the ‘FridgeSmart’ range which allowing whole fruits and vegetables to breathe, lets them stay healthy and fresh for longer. It also features the ‘Cool n Fresh’ range which equipped with breathing seals, is perfect for storing cut fruits & vegetables. Tupperware’s ‘Buddy Bowls’ range comes with an airtight seal and helps one store gravies, curries, dough or any leftover rice, vegetables or pulses.

Also featured is the Tupperware’s ‘Freezer Mate’ range whose unique six-sided airflow design allows efficient freezing and defrosting, as well as saves space in the freezer thus helping one to store food during season and utilize it during offseason. It’s ‘Modular Mates’ range help keep condiments, snacks, pulses, cereals and grains safe, hygienic and moisture-free for long. Easily stackable and available in convenient sizes, this range brings better organization of shelves and offers a complete modular storage solution for the kitchen.

Mr. Anshu Bagai, Chief Marketing Officer, Tupperware India says, “By creating consumer connect programmes around ‘Care4Food Day’ we seek to inform them about various ways to keep food safe and avoid wastage. On the same tenet, we have also brought to the fore specific food storage products, which empower people to store food right and reduce wastage of cooked and uncooked food. Our effort is to introduce Tupperware products to every household; thus helping to reduce food wastage. As a brand that truly cares for food, we are proud to launch this initiative that has the potential of becoming a worldwide drive.”

“It is time that we educate the masses that when one stores food carefully and in the right way, then wastage of money and food can be minimized. One should remember that ‘food loves you and you need to return the favour’. Thus the need of the hour is to take a pledge against wasting food and promote healthy storage habits with Tupperware. Tupperware’s ‘Care4Food Day’ is a corporate strategy and a marketing strategy to educate consumers not only about our thought process but also about our products which will help one Care4Food”, he added.

Tupperware ‘Care4Food Day’ will be celebrated every year on April 6th, a day before the World Health Day, highlighting the pertinence of the occasion.