WInnForum Releases Report on Business Models for New Entrants in SDR Tactical Radio Market

Report identifies various possible business models that could enable a successful new generation of tactical radio programs based on examples taken from existing programs

Online PR News – 08-April-2013 – Washington, DC – The Wireless Innovation Forum (, a non-profit international industry association dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide, announced today the approval of the report “Business Models for New Entrants in the SDR tactical radio Market” (Document WINNF-13-P-0001-V1.0.0). The report identifies various possible business models that could enable a successful new generation of tactical radio programs based on examples taken from existing programs and complements “SDR Technologies for the International Tactical Radio Market” (Document WINNF-09-P-0006 V1.0.0) which was released in September 2011.

“The new release of the market report concludes important efforts of the Forum and its members, among them all the main stakeholders of the SDR industry for the tactical communications market,” said David Renaudeau, of Thales (HO:EN Paris), Chair of the Forum’s International Tactical Radio Special Interest Group (ITR-SIG).

SDR Technologies for the International Tactical Radio Market

A recent evaluation of tactical radio shipments shows that SDR has become a mainstream technology in defense communications. The success of SDR has been largely driven by manufacturers and government agencies worldwide that saw the promise of SDR and invested early in its development. Based on these successes, a number of new organizations are now exploring the adoption of SDR technology. To support this second generation of SDR tactical radio market adoption, the Forum conducted a project to explore possible business models that can be adopted by value chain stakeholders introducing SDR into their tactical communications programs. By capturing trends from existing programs and leveraging them into lessons learned, the resulting document presents different business models available for international tactical SDR programs.

While the report finds there is no clear and easy answer to interoperability issues, it does find that SDR Business Models do provide some clear benefits, including:
• cost savings by sharing cost of development,
• SDR as a competition enabler, with innovation and reduced time to market benefits, and
• access to national sovereignty.

SDR standards, including SCA (Software Communications Architecture), are key success factors for the future of the SDR market for tactical communications. The Forum’s Coordinating Committee on International SCA Standards (CC SCA) supports the harmonization of SCA based standards at the international level for the mutual benefits of all stakeholders to include:
• Defining an industry driven SCA evolution roadmap for the international community
• Profiling the SCA specification and related APIs to define internationally accepted variants that are hosted by the Forum
• Developing extensions to the SCA standards that address any gaps between the defined SCA evolution roadmap and Forum accepted SCA specification variants
• Providing implementation and certification guides, tools etc. easing implementation and supporting proliferation
• Establishing and managing industry led certification programs where appropriate

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