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Shopstorenow introduces Axon e-mail manager with advanced features for all e-businesses to excel and not loose on the potential people willing to collaborate or are interested on a product. It’s about gaining a leading edge in undertaking successful e-mail campaigns.

Online PR News – 21-May-2010 – – Pomona, California- presents e-commerce shopping cart software with the revolutionary Axon Email manager for Newsletters , Email , List Services , Auto-Responders , Threaded ,CRM and for scheduled reporting via Email. ‘RSS to email’, ‘Site to e-mail’ that pulls the all needed content from the desired site to the e-mail to send it to designated recipients, CSS Emails supported with Skin CSS Import function, are all important constituents of the e-mail manager.

“Axon is an email manager for Shopstorenow and it is viable to use Axon while putting into use our shopping cart software, for marketing campaigns, email responders, email list servers, surveys, newsletters, threaded email management and custom dynamic content delivered at scheduled intervals. Axon provides you with scheduled delivery of dynamically generated personalized emails, surveys, a robust opt-in engine and multi-threaded processing. It is something worth a go for ultimate e-commerce success.”

The free shopping cart software at comes with the Drip Email Marketing to process thousands of emails without effecting the performance of the server and it also read tracking and more. Axon even provides the ability to schedule email delivery in batches. It's the easy to use feature that comes with the shopping cart software with multi-features like New Campaign Type: List that works for content updates keeping track of it for good, New Campaign Type: Auto Responder that will respond to the mail received keeping the sender updated with Axon responding to all emails or only where specific keywords are found in the subject or body of an email, New Campaign Type: Threaded (Drip Email Marketing) for personalized e-mail to select recipients, Adding CSS styles to e-mail, RSS Feeds made easy with just keying in the URL and adding it to the campaign, tracking of clicked links, Non-Delivery Reporting, Complete User History inclusive of features like Opt-In records, read trackings, Link clicks, Thread Posts and the unsubscribed.

Axon e-mail manager provides with CSS styles with import option of Portal Skin CSS and other advanced features are all accessible with the shopping cart software through Axon and last but not least has the feature of sending report of whosoever readS the e-mail with profile information and IP and web browser type defined.
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Company Profile:- with its office situated at Pomona, California is the fulfillment company of choice for many industry leading firms since 1989 with the aim to provide flexible, high quality services to accommodate each client specific need with its fully featured customized shopping cart software and is now offering the revolutionary shopstorenow module, Axon E-mail Manager that takes care of the e-mail campaigns.