UWIN launched to provide Identity Management Infrastructure to Internet Users

UWIN: Universal Web Identification Number launched to provide Identity Management Infrastructure to Internet Users

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – India, April 09, 2013 – UWIN: Universal Web Identification Number launched to provide Identity Management Infrastructure to Internet Users

• UWI Number a revolutionary new concept - A Number For Lifetime which reflects the entire online presence of the user on internet like e-mails, facebook, orkut, twitter, linkedin, orkut, blogger, hi5, etc.

• Exchange UWIN (which can be user’s 10 digit mobile number) to communicate your e-mails, websites, mobile numbers, user names, fax numbers, etc.

• Now a 10 digit UWI Number is one online identity across web and offers complete 360 Degrees solution to the user from various unsynchronized, duplicated, lost or misused internet identities

• www.uwinumber.com simplifies the life of internet users, no matter how many times they change their email ids, mobile numbers, contact details and user names; they can always be reached through UWIN by their friends, family members & business associates.

• It also provides strong Cross Industry interface which increases opportunities for internet-based business.

India: April 09, 2013: To provide the Universal Web Identification Number (UWIN) and complete 360 Degrees holistic solution to an individual’s identity on the internet, world’s first-of-its kind website www.uwinumber.com is officially launched. UWI Number is a revolutionary new concept in which a 10 digit number for a lifetime; which can be user’s mobile number, reflects the entire online and offline presence of the user. Through UWIN users can communicate their various e-mails, user ids of facebook, orkut, twitter, linkedin, blogger, hi5, websites, mobile numbers, fax numbers and any other contact details.

UWIN provides a single source of identity verification for all the users even if they change their usernames, emails, mobile numbers, jobs, or move anywhere in the world, if they use the same UWIN; it will never be difficult for their friends, relatives, colleagues, associates, clients to contact them.

On the occasion of official launch, Mr. Ashish Khare, Founder and CEO of UWI Number said “Identity is still a challenging issue over the web. People have multiple identities on internet their identity data on internet are unsynchronized, duplicated, lost or misused. The continuous growth and change of the Internet has introduced even more challenges with respect to overall management of identities. UWI Number addresses the entire Identity Grid and provides a complete 360 degree solution to this problem. Our Universal Web Identification Number- UWIN provides trusted universal web identity to the internet users. It collates, manages individual data and provides Identity Management Infrastructure to entire internet industry. It will be Google of individual’s and will reflect the entire presence of the user on internet.”

He further added “Our mission is to help 2,405 million users of internet around the world through UWIN to connect them with their friends, family members and business associates. We are committed to our mission in providing the infrastructure for the online identity of each user through Universal Web Identification Number. This is our competitive advantage and being the first-mover, we’re committed to maximum shareholders wealth by catering to vast population of internet users. This is the future of online identity.”

This concept of UWIN goes beyond mailing and networking sites. There are business opportunities for other websites to maximize their revenue by associating themselves with this unique proposition. UWIN is also doing strategic alliances with banks and online payment intermediaries such as paypal so that the user doesn’t have to share his credit card number every time he buys something via web. UWIN will serve as one universal identity across the web for all the web presence of user such as email (Google, Yahoo, AOL), social network (Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Linkedin), photo stream (Flickr), blog (Blogger, WordPress, Live Journal), online banking (SBI, Bank of America, Paypal), online shopping & booking (e-bay, IRCTC, Amazon.