Host Joe Namath to interview leaders in Medical Technology to discuss the latest techniques and innovations in medicine

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Ongoing advances in medicine and medical technologies are not only increasing our life expectancy; they are also allowing us to enjoy a greater quality of life well into our golden years. These advances are the result of individuals working together with a shared passion for healing.

Passion and team effort are just two of the outstanding traits of the business leaders interviewed as part of O2 Media’s “The Competitive Edge with Joe Namath™”. Serving as honorary chair for the March of Dimes’ Walk America for nearly a decade and volunteering for the March of Dimes for over 40 years, Joe Namath’s passion for ensuring that babies are born healthy is just one example of his commitment giving back to the community. “I’ve been blessed, I promise you”, says Namath on the passion that goes into everything that he does. “We need that passion to excel, whether it’s in the arts or in the sporting world.”

This season, Namath will interview pioneers of some of the most innovative advances in the medical world. Viewers will learn of the latest breakthroughs in biomedicine; the latest therapies, surgical techniques and pharmaceutical treatments designed to improve the overall quality of life for a patient; discoveries that hasten the path to a cure for life-threatening diseases and chronic conditions.

These fascinating stories on the latest advances in medicine are only the beginning. Viewers will also be treated to stories of advances in technology, manufacturing and energy.

About The Competitive Edge with Joe Namath™: The Competitive Edge with Joe Namath™ gives straightforward information in a news-oriented format that viewers can utilize and tailor to their own individual and business needs. By talking directly to leaders and influencers in business, The Competitive Edge™ shows viewers how their business can achieve and sustain success.

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