Penguino World Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Eco Friendly Penguins

11 year old girl and her dad create Cute, Funny and Eco Friendly Book (and more). Zipping Through the Rainforest provides kids with a fun learning experience

Online PR News – 08-April-2013 – Agoura Hills, CA – In the words of Penguino, "I’ve been launched." Penguino is the title character in the new book "Zipping Through the Rainforest" which just launched on Kickstarter.

Located in Agoura Hills, CA, Penguino World promotes a cute, funny and eco friendly lifestyle for children and is beginning to make its way through the sustainability community.

Eleven year old Emma Maples known as Junior Jones created all of the characters and together with her father, Paul Maples (aka Papa Jones), they wrote and illustrated the book. The adventurous penguins travel by Magic Igloo and as much as they like to have fun, they also know the importance of taking care of their environment. “Zipping Through the Rainforest” is a great way for young children to learn about the human impact on our world and how they can help make it a little better.

“Zipping Through the Rainforest” is printed on eco friendly paper, is also available as an e-book and will entertain children while teaching them valuable lessons about their choices as they grow. “We hope to empower children to make the right choices. Eventually these choices will become a lifestyle. It can be difficult to change the ways of adults, but we can teach kids to make the right choices for their future”, said Papa Jones Maples.

Penguino World has also created a small line of eco friendly products that parents will love to put their little penguins into. Penguino World offers organic youth apparel and reusable water bottles. Processing bamboo for apparel and growing conventional cotton are extremely chemical intensive, so Penguino World chose American Apparel organic cotton apparel. Water based inks are used on all apparel as they are also easier on the environment than conventional plastisol inks.

The reusable water bottles will provide parents with BPA free, recycled and recyclable bottles. The bottles are supplied by Liberty Bottleworks in Union Gap, WA meaning all of Penguino World’s products are made in the USA. Not only is does this save on resources having to travel thousands of miles across the ocean, but it also promotes American jobs.

There are other cute and cuddly cartoon characters out there, but nothing that promotes environmentalism with so much mainstream appeal. Not only does Penguino World make spreading the environmental message "cool", it is also great for those that simply like funny penguins.

The Penguino World blog incorporates a Penguino single frame comic alongside writings about environmental issues related to the comic.

The Penguino World Kickstarter Project runs through May 3.

Penguino World was created from the creative mind of a child and a father who knew the cute and funny penguin could actually do some good in the world.

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