Hospitality and Financial Experts Launch Equity Residences: Real Estate Investments with a Perk

San Diego-based Investment Funds Offer Luxury Property Ownership with Vacation Benefits

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – SAN DIEGO – Offering a unique twist on real estate investing, Equity Residences has introduced a model in which clients invest in temporarily undervalued luxury real estate – while simultaneously using and enjoying the properties. After 10 years, the properties are sold, and investors receive their money back, plus any positive investment returns.

Equity Residences offers two San Diego-based funds that appeal to investors who have considered purchasing a second home, but don’t want the complications and responsibilities of traditional real estate investments. The funds are focused on acquiring properties in desirable locations at discounted/distressed prices – purchased for 50 cents or less on the dollar – to optimize long-term appreciation. As an added perk, investors can select any properties in their respective fund for personal vacations or they can send guests, with rental income covering all or most of the operating costs.

“This is not a timeshare or a fractional,” said Equity Residences Director Steve Dering, who pioneered the first residence club in 1991 in Deer Valley. “It’s an opportunistic real estate investment with vacation perks and a fixed liquidation event. The basic premise is to buy low, sell high, and enjoy the ride up."

There are currently two funds with a limited number of investment opportunities still available. The Equity Villa Fund and Equity Condo Fund are each scheduled to acquire a portfolio of 20 diverse properties in key vacation destinations – beach, ski and leisure. Current properties include a mid-century modern villa in Palm Springs, Calif. with four bedrooms and bathrooms; a beautiful ocean-view villa in Maui, Hawaii at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua Resort; and a condominium in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. at the prominent White Mountain Lodge in The Village.

“It’s an ideal investment for my family,” said Scott Macon, one of the initial investors of the Equity Villa Fund. “Equity Residences is an innovative model – it allows me to invest in a diversified real estate portfolio, while gaining dividend income from my personal usage or rental income. Plus, the properties are truly spectacular. We’re looking forward to many memorable vacations to come.”

In addition to Dering, there are three other founding directors of Equity Residences, who bring more than 100 years of collective industry experience: John Long is a long-time consultant for strategy, marketing, and new ventures who started his career at McKinsey & Company; Greg Salley is an experienced investor in real estate and foreclosures and the former global vice president of strategy at SAP; and Ken Hamlet is a senior advisor at Crestview Partners and previously served as the president and CEO of Holiday Inns, Inc. Hotel Group..

“Many investment funds have had success with single market home investment portfolios, and now Equity Residences is making a similar opportunity available with luxury vacation real estate portfolios,” added Salley. “Now is the time to buy resort real estate. There may not be another buying environment like this in our lifetime.”

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About Equity Residences
Equity Residences LLC sponsors and manages a family of unique private investment funds designed for the ownership and enjoyment of multiple vacation properties. The company’s focus is making vacation home ownership financially attractive – and attainable – by taking advantage of an unprecedented real estate investment environment.

To capitalize on this environment, Equity Residences has created the Equity Villa Fund and the Equity Condo Fund. The funds will acquire vacation properties at today’s low price points and subsequently sell the properties following an anticipated market recovery for positive investment returns, all the while allowing investors to enjoy the properties as owners. These private investment funds are based on the desire to enjoy and invest in a diversified portfolio of vacation properties, each offering personal vacation experiences, the comforts of a private vacation home and significant long-term investment growth potential.

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