Introducing EasyWAF – The easiest way to secure your website

BinarySEC, which specializes in website security, has now launched its new website protection service, EasyWAF, in the USA. This state-of-the-art website security solution is distributed as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with acceleration tools and statistics.

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – New York, NY – EasyWAF is the best way to protect small and medium websites without modifying web application code and internal network.

“Many websites are often left ‘naked’, leaving the site exposed to every cyber threat circulating the Internet.” said Joris Buchou, VP of Sales at Binarysec Corp, located in New York City. “An unprotected website is always in danger of a security breach. You have to protect your website in the same way you protect your personal computer with an antivirus.” Buchou continued.

Although there were a lot of improvements in information system security, this remains the weakest point of today’s company. An unprotected breach in your company’s blog can lead to the full-access of you entire corporate IT system.

As an example, private records of more than 600 million American citizens have been stolen during the last eight years, according to American Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Every year, one in four Americans have their personal and confidential data stolen off of the internet. Threats and cybercrimes are increasing even faster than the actual use of the Internet itself. According to, 73% of Americans have experienced some form of cybercrime. Cyber security breaches occur through personal websites, blogs and other portfolios, as well as through corporate and e-commerce websites with dramatic results. What is more, one-third of the companies which experienced a major IT system intrusion went bankrupt after only a few months following the breach.
Plugging an overly expensive appliance to secure your servers is probably not the best solution.
Existing solutions in the US market fall into 3 distinct categories: expensive high-end appliances requiring network architecture modification, complex software solutions implying expert knowledge, and cloud solutions using poorly efficient rule-based filtering. The solution? ‘Dynamic white-listing’ ! EasyWAF learns normal traffic on your website and will then reject abnormal traffic.

Secure any website in only five minutes with our ‘accelerated’ training and setup process!

Bringing together simplicity and the highest granularity to filter incoming traffic of a website, results in a bulletproof web application firewall provided as a service on the web. EasyWAF also provides its customers with detailed monthly reports summarizing website traffic, blocked attacks and attackers information. All of these features are available for our valued added distributors, resellers, and webmasters.

BinarySEC is currently creating its partners network in the US by offering a variety of partnerships for IT service providers, IT security resellers, web hosting companies, and web agencies. EasyWAF solutions start at $39 per month, including monthly reports. EasyWAF can be tested for free, with no commitment, for one month. A report will be sent to each customer at the end of the test period.

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BinarySEC is a major website and web application security provider in Europe. BinarySEC has developed one of the first cloud-based Web Application Firewall using dynamic white-listing technology, called EasyWAF. This solution currently protects more than 500 websites and applications including e-commerce, banks, retailers, manufacturers, and Government websites.