LumaSense Introduces Thermal Imaging Software with Real-Time Visualization for Infrared Thermography

The new industrial analytics software for thermography, LumaSpec R/T, introduces real sensorgraphics process intelligence to manage massive data flows generated by thermal imaging and other sensors.

Online PR News – 09-April-2013 – Santa Clara, California – New LumaSpec R/T Industrial Analytics Software Suite awakens an industrial 6th Sense for real-time visualization and precise process controls, integrating thermal imaging cameras and more than 64,000 industrial sensors

LumaSense Technologies introduced its new LumaSpec R/T Industrial Analytics software ( target="_blank" class="highlight_link">> ). Companies in the Global Energy, Industrial Materials and Advanced Technologies markets can now generate, visualize and manage Big Data from complex industrial systems using the company's LS6 industrial sensors combined with the latest LumaSpec R/T software. Harnessing the company's groundbreaking Sensorgraphics process intelligence, LumaSense's new LumaSpec R/T software suite is the first industrial-scale Big Data and Industrial Analytics solution to aggregate and visualize real-time thermal images and pixel-level data from more than 64,000 industrial control points - including thermal imaging cameras, pyrometers, fiber optics and pressure and flow detectors, to name just a few.

LumaSpec R/T enables resource-intensive companies to detect, reduce and ultimately prevent inherent inefficiency and unwarranted waste in their industrial processes. LumaSense customers include numerous Fortune 500 companies in the Global Energy, Industrial Materials and Advanced Technologies markets. "Our new LumaSpec R/T Industrial Analytics Software Suite is built on our uniquely scalable Sensorgraphics platform architecture to provide an industrial 6th Sense that brings meaning out of the chaos of Big Data," said LumaSense CTO, Brett Sargent. "We generate Big Data with our LS6 sensor technologies and product platforms and now we help customers manage that flood of information with what we call our 64K Solution."

"As the price of infrared (IR) technology has come down and IR adoption has increased, manufacturers have discovered the value of real-time thermal imaging. Making sense of the massive streams of data generated by complex imaging, detection and process control systems requires sophisticated, multi-element industrial analytics. Our new LumaSpec R/T solution makes Big Data manageable, giving companies the ability to improve efficiency and reduce waste and downtime."

We generate Big Data with our LS6 sensor technologies and product platforms and now we help customers manage that flood of information with what we call our 64K Solution.

Based on Open Process Control (OPC), the interoperability standard for industrial automation, LumaSpec R/T can be readily integrated with existing industrial monitoring and control systems. Using LumaSpec R/T to aggregate and analyze multi-point sensor data, operators can view real-time graphical images to detect process variances and take immediate action to reduce process inefficiencies. Alerts can be programmed and on/off activation can be automated, as desired. The result is reduced downtime and more productive and efficient manufacturing processes.

"Industrial sensors such as thermal imaging cameras and other detectors generate massive amounts of real-time data every second, and in temperature-sensitive manufacturing environments, every second counts," said LumaSense Technologies CEO, Vivek Joshi. "Sophisticated software tools, like our LumaSpec R/T suite, are the cornerstone of our new 6th Sense Industrial Analytics Initiative to help customers around the world prevent more than $1 trillion lost annually to unwarranted waste and inherent inefficiencies."

LumaSpec R/T, LumaSense's thermal imaging software for analysis and real-time visualization, is ideal for industrial markets such as petrochemical refining and power generation, where critical vessel monitoring and combustion imaging are vital for safety and efficiency. The versatility of LumaSpec R/T, coupled with LumaSense's portfolio of temperature sensors, also delivers quality improvements and efficiency gains in the steel, glass and specialty materials manufacturing industries.

The new edition of LumaSpec R/T with support for up to 24 IR cameras and more than 64,000 Open Process Control (OPC) points and thousands of user-defined Regions of Interest (ROI) - is available now. The LumaSpec R/T Software Suite consists of four software packages - Viewer, Basic, Analyzer and Control - starting under USD $1000.

When used in conjunction with infrared (IR) cameras, pyrometers, detectors and other measurement devices, LumaSpec R/T users can:

- View or capture real-time images or sequences from up to 24 thermal imaging cameras.
- Set up monitoring applications and configure alerts for up to 24 IR cameras and more than 64,000 sensors, detectors and other essential measurement and control systems.
- Create thousands of regions of interest (ROIs) including points, lines and areas to monitor specific areas of images.
- Enhance thermal images to detect variances by comparing a reference image against live images.
- Export thermal image streams and data flows for further analysis.
- Integrate complex industrial detection, monitoring and control systems using Open Process Control (OPC), the interoperability standard for industrial automation, extending LumaSpec R/T's capabilities across existing process ontrol systems, distributed control systems and programmable logic controllers, or via optional hardware I/O interfaces.

Experts from LumaSense Technologies are available to aid in the design, installation, setup and training of LS6 Sensor Systems and LumaSpec R/T Industrial Analytics solutions.

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LumaSense Technologies, Inc. ( target="_blank" class="highlight_link">> ) is one of the world's most trusted providers of innovative temperature and gas sensing devices. LumaSense's resource-intensive customers in Global Energy, Industrial Materials and Advanced Technologies harness their Industrial Big Data using the company's proven systems, software and platforms to detect, reduce and prevent waste and inefficiency. LumaSense LS6 sensor systems and LumaSpec software solutions awaken industrial 6th Sense that empowers customers to achieve progressive and lasting performance gains. With offices in Asia, Europe and the Americas, LumaSense serves many of the world's largest industrial companies.

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