OJAYo.com launches online SAP training courses

oJAYo.com offers online SAP training for following choice of SAP modules.

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – NY – oJAYo.com offers online SAP training for following choice of SAP modules.

- SAP GRC training
- SAP Security training

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SAP GRC & Security training can be subscribed at the respective url’s below


Trainings are available at the link below :

What is oJAYo.com SAP GRC training course?

These days almost any white collar job requires dealing with technology governance, compliance policies, processes & audit. While anyone can participate passively, not everyone can understand technology governance, compliance and risk management processes & best practices, not everyone has ability to use the most commonly used GRC tool. Having these vital skills can make you invaluable to your organization & expose you to new opportunities. Not to mention the amount of time, money & effort you can save by efficiently using SAP GRC tool. SAP GRC training covers more than 40 topics in detail.

What is oJAYo.com SAP Security training course?

There are hundreds of sub processes in an enterprise. Configuring SAP implementation to these processes takes up a lot of security challenge. Unlike other applications SAP security is very demanding but also rewarding. SAP application Security is complex as it involves 100′s of roles, 1000′s of transactions and authorization objects. Being an SAP Security consultant gives you a

360 degree view of all the SAP modules and processes. SAP Security training covers more than 24 topics in depth.

What is SAP ?

SAP is the largest enterprise software company in the world. A career in SAP can definitely take you to interesting and diverse career destinations. 70% of all fortune 500 companies run on SAP Enterprise solution. For any questions or suggestions, email inquiries to oJAYo.com@gmail.com