Tankless INC Proudly Announces Conversion To Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers In Advance

From 2014, Tankless Inc water heaters will be made from 304 stainless steal.

Online PR News – 08-April-2013 – Sarasota, FL – April 9 2013 Sarasota, Florida – Tankless Inc dealing in tankless electric water heaters for industrial and residential uses has announced that it will be converting the heat exchangers into stainless steel. With effect from April 1 2014,
users will be able to enjoy comfort in style with the new range of stainless steel tankless water heaters.

This conversion will not only make the company compliant with the coming “no lead” requirements but would also make the heat exchangers last longer. In addition, it will also add to their structural integrity at a lighter weight than the current copper and brass products. According to the sources, the current plans are to have no pricing impact on the commercial line of three phase water heaters from 12KW thru 144 KW.

Tankless Inc will be offering converted stainless steel enclosures and 2” entrance and exit pipe sizes for their line of pool and spa heaters in May 2014. The pool heater line that already uses the 304 stainless exchanger products has no cost impact for the pool heater line at this time.

The instant water heaters can resolve the issues of people having to wait for water to get hot from conventional geysers that are installed at some distance from the point of use. The stainless steel tankless units on offer are easy to use, have a gloss finish, non-corrosive polypropylene outer casing, that gives an aesthetic appeal to any residential or commercial area.

In these tankless water heaters water remains heated for longer periods, due to thick polyurethane foam insulation inside the cylinders that prevents heat loss, thereby saving on high electricity bills. A company official said, “All the heating units are fitted with a larger sacrificial anode that gives an additional inner cylinder protection.”

Features of stainless steel tankless hot water heaters include on-tap boiling water, advanced electronic controls, safe to use, energy saving, convenient stainless steel and fully automatic. “These can be very helpful in restaurants or in industries where customers require more than one temperature of water from the same water heater” adds a company official.

To view the range of tankless water heaters, customers can visit hotwaterheater.com.


Tankless Inc manufactures and sells an advanced range of tank-less electric water heaters for industrial and residential uses. The company employs a state of the art test laboratory where every water heater is tested at full power before shipment. The commercial three phase water heaters range in size from 12 KW and around $1000 to 144 KW and over $10,000.

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