The Nexxt Step introduces Office 3D

Office 3D
The new concept for online conferencing, telecommuting and many other applications.

Online PR News – 08-April-2013 – Amstelveen – A discussion about online conferencing will raise without a doubt a lot of questions within an organization. Can we go through a presentation, or see the annual figures through an online conference? A sales training? A first (or second) job interview? How often will a worker still appear at the office? Does he have to be in the neighborhood at all?The answers to these questions will vary per organization. But it's obvious that almost every organization will potentially gain something by embracing online conferencing, simply because it offers freedom. Freedom which you do not always need to use, but is nice to have.Due to the stringent environmental requirements nowadays, and to improve the direct benefits to a company, we can expect a growth in the coming years in the field of online conferencing. It is a simple way to limit expensive and polluting travel and, due to a growing demand, the technology will continue to evolve.Advantages of online conferencing:
less miles
less traveling time
less costs
more availability

Office 3D® has a clear, simple interface and can be used directly by everyone

* seperate chat per room
* uploading documents and sharing with other participants
* signal when somebody enters office, in case somebody working at home is not behind pc or working in other applications
* tekstchat can be saved after session
* uploading image and show image on screen per office
* both general as private chat
* invite people with sending url, makes login not necessairy
* documents will be removed from server after 2 hours
* customize office with own logo
* information about participants by clicking their name, a new screen will be opened to show their private (facebook, LinkedIn) or business website
Next update: * Tablet application!!!

On the website is a full featured demo available