RajiVihaan Launches the Revolutionary “DHUP" for Energy Availability and Sustainability

The products & solutions are being offered for Home & Small Office segment

Online PR News – 08-April-2013 – New Delhi, Delhi – New Delhi, 08 April, 2013: New Delhi-based RajiVihaan Consultants Private Limited today announced the launch of revolutionary "DHUP" range of products and solutions. The range of products and solutions for energy availability and sustainability for homes and offices will be under the brand "DHUP". "DHUP", which means "Sunshine", has been coined as an acronym for DC Home Uninterrupted Power.

The "DHUP" range of products and solutions brings innovative technologies and products backed by engineering design to help reduce the energy consumption in homes and offices by up to 80%, and increase the energy availability by more than double, to the level of being uninterrupted. The "DHUP" range of products and solutions will harness the power of sun and couple it with traditional grid power and other renewable energy solutions to increase the availability of energy with the surety of delivering uninterrupted power to homes and offices at affordable prices. At places where grid is not available, "DHUP" products and solutions will deliver energy at extremely low prices.

"There has been very little innovation in the area of improving energy availability or reducing energy consumption for homes and small offices. RajiVihaan addresses this space with innovative solutions by improving the price and performance parameters to levels hitherto unheard of, apart from delivering on the promise of uninterrupted power to homes," said Jaikishan Singh, CEO of Agni (Energy) Division of RajiVihaan.

The core concept driving the engineering design for "DHUP" products and solutions is conservation by reduced consumption, and ability to use hybrid charging, i.e., power from multiple sources. The "DHUP" range of products and solutions, even though designed to work with solar and grid energy, can work with any alternate or renewable energy source like wind, bio-mass, bio-gas, or water movement, and offers highly energy-efficient products like bulbs, tube lights, fans, air coolers, TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, and pumps.

"Our motto for RajiVihaan Agni (Energy Division) is "Let there be light in every home, always, forever". Our DHUP solutions deliver on this promise with the benefit of renewable energy," said Vijay Yadav, Chairman, RajiVihaan Group of Companies.

"DHUP" pre-designed and pre-packaged configurations come with all installation accessories along with the charge controller. The DHUP solution has the option of Hybrid Charge Controller which can charge from the sun or grid as per availability, thus increasing back-up storage and ensuring uninterrupted power. DHUP Solutions are engineered to maximize lumens or light from lighting devices, air flow from fan devices, and cooling from air coolers, air conditioners, and freezers, while minimizing consumption or wattage. This allows optimization of power generation devices like solar panels, and charge controllers, while increasing the backup hours of the battery, and results in lowering the overall upfront cost of the solution, as well as sharp reduction in energy bills.

The "DHUP" solution has already received wide acceptance with dealers and distributors signed in states like UP, Haryana, Punjab, J&K, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. "We hope to increase the dealer network to all states within one year," added Mr. Singh.
For further details on RajiVihaan "DHUP" products and solutions, write toinfo@rajivihaan.com. For dealer and distributor enquiries, write to sales@rajivihaan.com.

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