Provide Live Support to Visitors Using pidgin and PSI

Provide Live Support to Visitors Using pidgin and PSI

Online PR News – 08-April-2013 – United state – Banckle Chat is a very diversified application and our engineers have been working very hard to develop apps and plugins for third party platforms. Banckle has always worked a step ahead to provide solutions to its users that help them achieve the desired results with best quality. Banckle Apps Suite has been quite successful and our valued customers have made us improve every day. We have worked on integration of Banckle Chat and desktop chat applications to make it more easy for you to collaborate with your customers/colleagues etc. It is now possible for Banckle Chat users to chat through IM chat applications and take your collaboration experience to another level.

All you need to do is download and install the desktop chat applications such as Pidgin and PSI. You can install the Banckle Chat plug-in and get started with a whole new experience of customer support. Once you have installed Pidgin, configure Banckle Chat with required information and perform a test run to check for installation. A few steps to follow and here you go! Enjoy Banckle Chat using your desktop chat application with a variety of useful features.
tskConfiguringPidginChatwithVisitors7.12 Use Pidgin and PSI to access Banckle Chat

Configure Banckle Chat on Pidgin

Similarly, you can also use PSI to access Banckle Chat. PSI is a fast and lightweight chat application that provides customization and security features. Install PSI on your desktop and configure Banckle Chat by following a few steps.
tskConfiguringPSIChatwithVisitors6 Use Pidgin and PSI to access Banckle Chat

Configure Banckle Chat on PSI

1. You can proactively initiate the live chat session with any visitor browsing through your website.
2. Perform chat sessions with multiple visitors.
3. You can perform chat session with fellow operators.

You can use Pidgin and PSI to access Banckle Chat and receive as well as send chat messages to your contacts. Get connected with your friends, or collaborate with colleagues by accessing Banckle Chat through XMPP clients on your desktop. You can perform real-time chat sessions and keep a track of online visitors through the intuitive user interface.

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