Advanced Water Filters Announces New Whole House Water Purification Systems

Advanced Water Filters is proud to announce they now offer whole house water purification systems. Thanks to this fantastic new product

Online PR News – 08-April-2013 – Suite 110, AZ – April 8, 2013 - Advanced Water Filters is proud to announce they now offer whole house water purification systems. Thanks to this fantastic new product, you will no longer suffer horrible chlorine smells, with all the consequences of those. The new product has been welcomed across the country, particularly as there is a drive for cleaner water.

A problem with chlorine is that it is a chemical, and a dangerous one at that. A lot of people have sensitivity to it and some develop quite serious skin disorders. Not just that, those with asthma are at particular risk of developing complications due to chlorine. By using a whole house water purification system, people no longer have to be exposed to any of these risks and simply enjoy healthy, clean water for their washing, cooking and drinking.

One of the greatest things about these new house water filters is that they are very easy to install. People only require basic DIY knowledge in order to put it up. Alternatively, a plumber will have no problems doing it. When purchasing the devise, people will receive full installation instructions and support. It works by removing sediment from your water. It removes almost 100% of the chlorine, but also removes the various organic compounds that are in our water. Some of these include pesticides, trihalomethane, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, herbicides, VOCs and phenols. None of these will kill people in the concentrations in which they are found in water, but none of them are good for them either. Using a whole house water purification system will stop people from having to be exposed to these chemicals and organic compounds, allowing for simple, clean drinking water.

The issue with chlorine is also very important. Not only is it a chemical agent that should not be consumed by people, it smells really badly as well. As a result, many people are starting to use excessive amounts of detergents and other products to mask the smell of chlorine, something that can easily be avoided simply by installing whole house water purification systems.

If you are interested in the new whole house water purification systems offered by Advanced Water Filters, please visit their website on to gather additional details. A representative from the company will be more than happy to answer any questions you may still have. Clean water, as it is meant to be, is within anybody's reach by using good quality filter systems.

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