Peerbits Ready To Benefiting You With Cloying Android 4.2.1 Development

Android is rocking in the mobile market with its latest release of the Android OS 4.2.1 with cloying features and functionality and Peerbits has knack to give maximum benefits of this advancement to their patrons.

Online PR News – 08-April-2013 – Ahmedabad – Peerbits is enjoying a good reputation as a leading Android application development company in mobile development community. Seasoned Android developers at Peerbits has cheered up the latest release of the Android OS 4.2 and its subsequent updates like Android 4.2.1. Android app developers at Peerbits admire the new features and functionality of this new Android OS as they are well versed with highly positive impacts on the Android app development.

Some Android developers have expressed that their team of designers and programmers are ready to take challenges posed by the advance features and functionality of the new OS because they have grasped the all concepts of the new OS as soon as it was released and done deep homework to convert them in favor of various types of the clients for various categories of Android apps development. Their senior and experienced Android developers have exhibited the techniques and tweaks to mold them to meet the bespoken requirements of the clienteles.

Team of Android programming at Peerbits knows that the programming technologies alone can't make marketable applications but they have to work in the collaborations of the visual designers, UI designers, UX designers, QA team, project managers, clients and finally with marketing team. When they have been asked for the role of such big team in Android apps programming they told that each member has her own role to contributes in the better product which gives maximum usability and excellent user experiences along with cost-effective approaches.

Peerbits has nearly zero employee turn over rate while highest customer retention rate so when this question was put in front of the marketing and management team they replied that Peerbits has all sort of latest infrastructural facilities to make Android development easy. Smartness of the project managers play important part to create highly conductive development environment so Android programmers find free reign to show their creativity and can directly communicate with the clients to minimize communication hurdles thus, they can give robust products within shortest development cycle.

The expertise and experience make Peerbits capable to deliver excellent android apps in benefits of their patrons.