NEW “Society for Technology and Psychology”

“With a resounding response rate from full Members and Fellows of the American Psycholiogical Association, the "Society for Technology and Psychology” (STP) is successfully collecting petition signatures

Online PR News – 08-April-2013 – Dayton Ohio – April 8, 2013- The Society is attuned to the interests of practitioners, administrators, researchers, educators, training directors, researchers, students and public policy makers.  The new division is expected to serve as a focal point for APA members interested in technology issues in psychology and help increase the membership of APA through collaboration with outside health and non-health related disciplines. Areas of the proposed division's focus include but are not limited to:
social media
electronic health records (EHRs),
health information exchanges
issues of digital privacy and security
virtual reality
virtual worlds
mHealth & mobile applications
home health and medical equipment
telemental health and

The Society focus on helping researchers and practitioners maximize the benefits of technology to provide the best possible psychological services.  The Division is being led by a group of highly motivated psychologists who are leaders in the technology psychology world.
When asked about the mission of STP, Interim president Marlene Maheu, Ph.D commented, “Our mission is to create a comprehensive hub for technological inspiration, training, support, mentoring and innovation at the APA.”

When asked about the existing efforts of other APA divisions who already focus on technology, Maheu explained, “We seek to galvanize the disparate efforts currently underway in dozens of divisions at the APA, and delineate a clear group for both psychologists and those who want to work with psychologists to partner for technological innovation, research and development. We need to grow with the times, shaping technology according to our own substantial research and evidence base. We also seek to bring psychology’s voice to policy-making bodies on both the national and international levels, where technology-related policy is already being codified without our input. We therefore not only seek to discuss the issues and offer education, but more importantly, be instrumental in working with technology-related industry and government bodies to develop well-considered, evidence-based tools as well as political policies for psychology. Given how rapidly technological innovation is permeating every aspect of our daily lives, it is imperative that we organize our efforts to develop our own modern tools and make our voices heard now, and not just another decade from now.”
The proposed division's current priority is to obtain sufficient signatures of APA full or fellow members on a petition to the APA to create the division. This requires 1% of the current APA membership before their proposal can be considered.  

The Society for Technology and Psychology is a proposed new division in the American Psychological Association.  We need to amass 738 signed petitions from current APA members in order to present the new division for consideration. .