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Online PR News – 06-April-2013 – Kolkata – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

March 30, 2013- As a prestigious writing organization, Classy Writeups has always stayed ahead of its competitors by introducing fresh services regularly. True to its philosophy, it recently launched another distinguished service-‘Hire a Social Media Content Writer’. Over past some years, social media marketing has become a valuable way to connect with existing customers and reach out to a greater audience at the same time. Naturally, the demand for high quality content that can be shared on these social networking sites has increased dramatically. Classy Writeups has sensed the importance of social media content and accordingly, launched a valuable service that fulfills requirement of clients in this regard.

Experts at Classy Writeups understand the fact that social media content is different from website or press release content. They know that social media content can be effective, if it possesses a friendly and informal tone. At the same time, it must be informative and most importantly, solve problems of the users. These experts are also aware that a social media content that is excessively long does not sell. Accordingly, it keeps the content short and simple. Apart from writing content, Classy Writeups possesses in-depth expertise in social media marketing as well. It works closely with marketing experts of the client’s company for ensuring that they opt for the right strategies, while interacting with the social media audience.

Classy Writeups is a renowned writing organization that specializes in social media content, apart from other content, such as press release, blogs, web content, and technical writing. For acquiring more information about this service and the high quality writing services that it offers, click on