Genus Serum Introduces the Advanced Curcumin Supplement in US for the Treatment of Chronic Disorder

Curcumin USA has brought about a revelation in the world of natural medicines by introducing the most advanced health supplement called “Turmeric Curcumin” into the US market, especially in the drugs manufacturing industry

Online PR News – 06-April-2013 – Leesburg, VA, April 4rd, 2013. – In the recently concluded annual summit held at the company headquarters in Leesburg, VA, the market leader in natural health supplements, Genus Serum Curcumin USA has unveiled its latest revelation in the world of natural medicines. It has introduced the most advanced health supplement in a soluble form to cure the most serious of diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, stroke, allergies etc. It is a well known fact worldwide that Turmeric is a natural healer and possess enormous medicinal properties to heal the most chronic of ailments. So keeping this medicinal fact in mind, Genus Serum Curcumin has introduced a special formula called “Curcuma Longa” in a soluble form for helping patients who are suffering from the above mentioned problems. The company Director of Genus Serum announced its mega launch in the US market from its company premises in the presence of dignitaries from the health world.

This revolutionary health product has already been circulated in the US market and customers can even buy it online by visiting the Genus Serum Curcumin site. The company has been researching on this product for many years now and with its launch, Genus Serum Curcumin has become one of the few organizations that produces and markets such natural supplements. Curcumin USA revealed the medicinal properties of Turmeric to the customers and it was at the annual summit the management spoke at length about this revolutionary health product. Some renowned doctors participated in this summit and spoke on the health benefits of Curcuma Longa and its anti inflammatory properties. According to the company sources, it is the best anti inflammatory medicine available in the open market today. It has been introduced in the soluble form to help in the easy digestion of the liquid particles and thus produce instant results. The company management of Genus Serum gave instances when leading scientists have approved of its healing qualities with guarantee. Curcumin happens to be the latest entrant in the world of parallel medicines and it is well proving its worth due to its exceptional healing qualities.

Genus Serum Curcumin by introducing this advanced health formula has created a distinct niche for itself in the world of natural healing. This organization has mega plans to promote this product on a country wide basis as it has patented its formula. So this launch puts Curcumin USA into the select group of pharma companies who produce similar products at the most competitive price. It has also made it easy for the customers to purchase this product via their site where one can avail discounts on every purchase made. So this product launch is indeed a special event in the calendar of Genus Serum which has made its presence felt by introducing Curcuma Longa to the US citizens.