Silverdale Headache Doctor, North Shore Chiropractic, Helps Hundreds Get Out Of Pain Fast

Utilizing the most advanced methods and techniques Silverdale Chiropractors Dr. Way Smith, DC, Dr. Gian Mansell, DC, and Dr. Lanling Mansell, DC offer individuals the care and education needed to achieve and maintain greater health and wellness.

Online PR News – 08-April-2013 – Reno, NV – Glenfield, North Shore City, 06-April-2013 - Silverdale chiropractors, Dr. Wayne Smith, DC, Dr. Gian Mansell, DC, and Dr. Lanling Mansell, DC have recently been recognized for their success in providing quality care, education and training to individuals suffering from pain. The doctors uses a holistic approach when addressing pain that includes addressing the root cause of the issue and providing the natural long-term solutions that will empower patients to achieve greater health and wellness.

When interviewed recently the doctors shared their commitment to providing the greatest level of care to their patients. "Our goal is to help individuals get relief from pain quickly using safe and natural methods. We work very closely with patients to ensure that they are given the support they need to enjoy a more active lifestyle without fear of recurring pain."

During the initial consultation a complete physical examination that includes x-rays are taken to identify damage, misalignment or issues that are contributing to the pain. The doctor reviews the past medical history of the individual as well as previous accidents or injuries that may have contributed to the pain. The individual's diet, exercise and normal activities are discussed as well as triggers for the pain such as stress or tension.

After reviewing the information that has been collected, the doctor creates an individualized program that addresses the immediate pain, restores proper circulation through the spine and relieves pressure on nerves and joints. The doctor may also recommend changes in diet to increase the intake of important vitamins and nutrients required by the body to heal more quickly and effectively.

Exercises designed specifically to strengthen the muscle groups supporting the damaged areas are provided and patients receive training in the steps they can take to address tension and stress that may be contributing to the pain more effectively.

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