Rewrite Your Personality: Docu-Series Reality Show

Handwriting Formation Therapy (HFT) has been around the world since 1987 with an overall 99.9% success rate. However, this evidence-based program has been 100% effective in stopping crime recidivism rates since 2006.

Online PR News – 06-April-2013 – Phoenix, Arizona – Near daily we hear about the battles of teaching cursive to students. Many studies have been done to prove why this is needed throughout our world's societies including better grades, memory retention, empathy building, and more. However, if you ask Treyce Montoya, you will further see why society is becoming more desensitized and unhealthy.

You see, in 1987, Treyce Montoya became the first person in world history to develop a combined handwriting and therapy program called "Handwriting Formation Therapy" or HFT. Prior to developing HFT, changing her own handwriting actually saved her life. Since then, HFT has helped affect positive change the lives of those living with depression, anxiety, addictions, learning disabilities, trauma, mental illnesses, and more. HFT is traditionally completed 100% electronically from anywhere in the world and is so powerful that many clients have been able to drop their medications forever.

In addition, for over seven consecutive years, juvenile probation officers have seen a complete, 100% stop in their repeat offenders and destructive behaviors of high risk youth. To-date, none of the youth who completed the six month HFT program have re-offended. Because of the success of HFT, Treyce warns that there are many copycat attempts that can actually cause more harm.

This is the very information is what prompted a New York City area producer to contact her for a docu-series reality show based on her HFT program. The purpose of the show will be to continue changing the lives of ages 7 - 99 around the world. While there is no guarantee, Treyce did sign the contract in March 2013.

Treyce is a 25+ year international forensic handwriting expert, has helped the writers of Criminal Minds, is the author of over 18 books, has over 18 years in the mental health field and has several psychology degrees. Having been diagnosed with Asperger's (a form of autism) as a teenager, that information was hidden from her until 2007. Because of this hidden knowledge, she has undergone much trauma yet has dedicated her life to helping others.

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