Guilbert Express presents its welding torch range, including the ultra-light Titan’Express 50TL200

Created for both professionals and home DIY-ers, the Guilbert Express blowtorch range includes the Titan’Express 50TL200 welding torch, the stainless steel Guilbert Express Pack 6421 roof torch and the multi-purpose 5300 butane gas torch.

Online PR News – 06-April-2013 – 94127 FONTENAY-SOUS-BOIS, FRANCE – Created to meet the needs of professionals who specialise in building completion works, particularly roofing, the Guilbert Express Titan’Express roofing torch (ref. 50TL200, is a high quality propane welding torch that delivers excellent results at a great price.

Powerful and durable, the Titan’Express 50TL200 welding torch combines lightness and performance, making it an easy-to-use welding and roofing torch which is perfectly suited to professional use. The kit comprises a rust-proof, ultra-light – just 109 grams – burner (ref. 50T) made from titanium, and a 130mm stainless steel and brass neck tube (ref. L200) that weighs in at only 122 grams. Power ranges from 27kW at 1.5 bar to 54kW at 4 bar, with the burner’s 50mm diameter nozzle producing a flame 650mm long and 110mm in diameter.

For anyone in search of a lightweight, propane-powered roof torch that offers exceptional value-for-money, the stainless steel Guilbert Express Pack 6421 roof torch ( kit is ideal. This comprehensive kit includes a propane-powered roof torch with a stainless steel burner (ref. 100S), a neck tube (ref. L400) and a metal handle with trigger (ref. 640) and swivel attachment. A 20m hose (ref. 963/20S) and a 4 bar HP regulator (ref. 684) complete the equipment. The 60mm diameter burner nozzle produces an 800mm long, 120mm diameter flame, with power ranging from 51kW at 1.5 bar to 102kW at 4 bar.

Finally, for those who require a multi-purpose butane gas torch, Guilbert Express offers its innovative 5300 butane blow torch ( Simple, versatile and easy-to-use, this highly practical butane gas torch can be used not only as a soldering torch, but also for paint stripping, de-icing, heating, burning, de-burring and much more. Naturally, such versatility comes at a price… one of the most competitive on the market!

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