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With various brands of tires and wheels hitting the market in recent days, it has become necessary for those looking for quality products to take ample time studying the market and its trends to determine the quality of the products that they want to purchase.

Online PR News – 05-April-2013 – Montreal – With various brands of tires and wheels hitting the market in recent days, it has become necessary for those looking for quality products to take ample time studying the market and its trends to determine the quality of the products that they want to purchase., a Canadian dealer in all tires and wheel brands understands the need to take quality seriously and has demonstrated this by introducing new products for their customers. Because we are based in Canada unlike other dealers who are mostly based in the USA, we understand the Canadian market and therefore we are able to keep track of interrelated factors such as prices as well as customer needs. The introduction of a wide variety of tires and wheels brands from has set the standards high for other dealers as they try to match the quality of the brands carried on Although the tires and wheel market has been undergoing a significant change in terms of emerging styles and designs all out to dictate terms and prices in the market, our timely move to introduce new brands not easily found on other online sites has left many of our competitors puzzled leaving them with no option but to go back to the drawing board and try to rediscover their steps. has now brought on board products that appeal to a wide range of buyers. With this wide clientele base and a host of new products, the popularity of our products continues to attract even the hitherto irregular buyers. With stylish and elegant wheel brands such as the multi-spoked Konig Daylite Green, that comes in a light color that appeals to motorists looking for style and class in wheels, and the sparkling Drag R19 Gold that sports a golden finish, has made it possible for those looking for wheels that match the color of their vehicles to easily find these brands. The bulk of our products are shipped free within Canada, with additional incentives such as free mounting and balancing on packages. We offer a friendly customer service that aims to deal with the needs of our ever-increasing buyers with both English and French speaking customer service agents on standby to attend to your needs. Our site is one of the few you find in Canada where both English and French speaking customers have the opportunity to ask questions in a language that they fully understand. With such alluring incentives that customers can hardly find from other dealers, we have managed to maintain a high number of customers with new customers adding up to the list with each passing day.
With wheels made for performance, our customers have always recommended our products to others as the feedback we receive for our services always articulates the positivity of using our products and services. The wheel brands that we currently carry meet the needs of every buyer out there looking for rims. We carry brands for light trucks, small cars, big trucks as well as lorries, and with prices that appeal to all groups of people, replacing the old rims of your vehicle with new and trusted wheels has just been made cheaper than you thought. Quality is another fundamental factor determining the ability of tires and wheels to perform in a wide range of conditions. Through modern technology used in the manufacture of tires, it has become possible to purchase tires that aid in minimizing fuel consumption through the integration of performance-oriented features in the internal system of these tires. We also carry tire brands that are made to support regular and even tread wear ensuring the tires remain in use in their entire tread life. With such brands, we have not only positioned ourselves as the preferred tires and wheel dealers in Canada, but also ensured that the financial welfare of our customers is well catered for by providing long-lasting products
For buyers looking for quality all-season tires, winter, tires as well as summer tires, have come on board to ensure, the needs of these buyers are addressed by providing all these brands at very competitive prices. Through our products, the struggle that many buyers had to undergo trying to find a tire that meets their requirements is now a thing of the past, as we categorize all these brands according to their features as well as their use. is the ultimate solution to the needs of many vehicle owners who value quality and performance when looking for wheels and tires. With high quality products and prices that appeal to all groups of automobile owners, what more would a buyer be looking for if they can have an all inclusive package of rims, tires and all other accessories such as bolt and nuts purchased and shipped free to their choice destinations within Canada all courtesy of