Celebrate Freedom In Christ - Break the Chains!

WWCCR organizes a spiritual healing conference to help Christians in Western Washington find greater freedom in Jesus Christ

Online PR News – 05-April-2013 – Renton, WA – Renton, WA, May 31 – June 1, 2013: The UNBOUND: Freedom in Christ Conference will be held on May 31 – June 1 at St. Stephen the Martyr Parish in Renton. Western Washington Catholic Charismatic Renewal (WWCCR) is the sponsor of this event. The presenters for this conference are Neal and Janet Lozano, founders of Heart of the Father Ministries, from Ardmore, PA. Their teachings will present a sound and practical way for Christians to experience a greater freedom from the influence of evil in their lives, and to enjoy a greater fullness of life won for us by Christ’s death and resurrection. In addition, the conference will equip those who have a desire to help others seeking the same freedom through healing prayer ministry.

Virginia King, Executive Director for WWCCR, explains that this conference will appeal to people in a wide variety of situations and at every level of spiritual maturity. It is helpful for individuals who struggle with the same sin area time after time, those who feel hopeless or frustrated in their spiritual growth, those who wish to tap into the power of the Gospel, those who are bound by negative patterns of thinking, and those who long to help others find freedom in Christ.

Virginia also encourages pastors and counselors to attend because it will give them a greater understanding of how Satan’s underhanded strategies affect the lives of the people they serve, as well as provide positive tools for helping to set people free from those influences.

Deacon Richard Labrecque, who serves at St. Joseph Parish in Sequim and Queen of Angels Parish in Port Angeles, has used the Unbound model of healing ministry and he talks about responses from several who have experienced healing through this prayer ministry. One person commented, “I have never had so much inner healing as I have experienced with our prayer sessions.” Another can’t help exclaiming every time she meets one of the prayer ministry people: “This is tremendous, there was so much personal healing – everyone should benefit from this healing prayer!”

Fr. Jim Northrop, pastor at St. Brendan Catholic Church in Bothell, is also encouraging the use of the Unbound model in prayer ministry at his parish.

Similar conferences have been held in many cities in the United States, as well as internationally in Slovakia, Poland, Haiti, Ukraine, Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.
Neal Lozano has presented his model of healing ministry across a wide spectrum of audiences, including Evangelicals, Catholics, Charismatics and Pentecostals. He has instructed pastors and lay leaders in different parts of the world to successfully utilize the training in their own ministries.

The Unbound: Freedom in Christ Conference will begin on Friday evening, May 31st and runs throughout the day on Saturday, June 1st. A Pre-Conference Training workshop, on the Unbound model of healing ministry, will be held on Thursday evening and during the day on Friday, May 30th – May 31st. Additional details and online registration for the Pre-Conference Training and the Unbound Conference can be found at www.wwccr.org. More information and registration is also available by calling the WWCCR office at 206-364-2272.

About WWCCR:
Western Washington Catholic Charismatic Renewal was established in 1977 as a nonprofit organization to foster baptism in the Holy Spirit in Western Washington. WWCCR seeks to serve the local church by providing resources for leadership, communication and teaching about Catholic Charismatic Renewal. For more information about WWCCR please visit: www.wwccr.org.

About Heart of the Father Ministries:
Heart of the Father Ministries empowers people to reclaim their true identity in Christ as sons and daughters of the Father through Unbound: Freedom in Christ ministry. Heart of the Father is dedicated to equipping people throughout the world to take hold of the freedom they have been given in Christ and to help others do the same by using the principles of the Five Keys as found in Unbound. The Five Keys are taught and implemented at the Unbound: Freedom in Christ Conferences and through a growing network committed to proclaiming this message. To learn more about this ministry visit: www.heartofthefather.com.