Improving Productivity on Zero Technology Budget

Wisdom Gatherer wins award for Improving Productivity on Zero Technology Budget without Senior Management Support (in a way that can’t be copied)

Online PR News – 06-April-2013 – Melbourne, Australia – For immediate release
April 2013

Wisdom Gatherer wins award for Improving Productivity on Zero Technology Budget without Senior Management Support (in a way that can’t be copied)

Have you ever been almost desperate to gather wisdom on a specific topic? Have you ever had a trusted member of a team leave? What value have you put on their knowledge? These questions, & others like it, relate to this field of endeavour.

Anything that can boost productivity has been repeatedly cited by the Australian government as highly important.

Hugh Bathurst, an Australian quiet achiever with a Masters qualification in Knowledge Management who helps people gather wisdom, has been working hard behind the scenes in Melbourne businesses for several years to craft a cost-effective approach to doing just that. The approach, which has earned him an award for excellence from one of his clients, Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) – a professional services firm, has delivered increased profitability. Hugh has done this with a zero technology budget and because a well-functioning knowledge sharing culture has resulted, competitors cannot copy it.

Brian Fitts, a respected senior manager at SKM who sponsored Hugh’s award for excellence, states "Hugh has worked closely with people I regard and has consistently delivered outstanding business improvement outcomes for everyone he has worked with. I believe Hugh's work has been vastly underestimated in its true value to the organisation."

Value to the organisation, which resulted in this award nomination, includes the following.

· “Knowledge Access”

· A single launching point that entire teams used to reliably access team and role knowledge, which meaningfully improved productivity and delivered faster good-decision making.

· Agreed gathering points that teams used to store and retrieve knowledge they used.

· A time-efficient (e.g. 3 hours) approach to make visible role knowledge for retiring employees and thus a framework for new employees to map knowledge they believe is ‘need to know’.

· “Knowledge Creation”

· Verbal-based approaches to time effectively (e.g. under 20 minutes) make knowledge visible on complex topics.

· “Leadership & Measurement”

· A method to train leaders for high-speed (e.g. 30 minute) knowledge creation. (aka. ‘Capability improvement from mutual wisdom gathering’)

· A one-page measurement approach and visual-based ‘knowledge maturity’ method to ensure progress to well-functioning knowledge sharing culture.

World-renowned business expert Peter Drucker states: “Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement. Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level.”

The Australian government states: “At the broadest level, Treasury is interested in productivity because of our mission of improving the wellbeing of Australians, of which increasing material standards of living through improvements in productivity is one, albeit important, part.” (Productivity Commission-Australian Bureau of Statistics: Productivity Perspectives Conference)

In the submission wording for Hugh’s award, SKM stated: "David Maister in 'Managing the Professional Service Firm' says at page 322 that "In most professions, the firm that could design an effective knowledge and experience sharing mechanism would obtain a significant competitive advantage.' Hugh has raised the consciousness of SBIF in heading strongly down this path.”

For further information on how the organisation can access new levels of productivity and profitability using this approach and for details on up-coming free Q&A sessions with Hugh, contact Hugh Bathurst on 0424 095 545 or +61 3 9534 9787. Also available on request are: biography, fact sheet, award submission wording, recommendations, photos.