Zen Bedrooms to Promote Foam Mattress Toppers with Online Deal Campaigns

Zen Bedrooms will begin promoting foam mattress toppers with online deal campaigns this spring. Zen Bedrooms hopes to provide an affordable alternative for those who seek memory foam but cannot afford a new mattress.

Online PR News – 06-April-2013 – Jackson, WY – Zen Bedrooms, a leading supplier of luxury bedding products, will be announcing new online deals this Spring with online coupon sites such as Groupon and Living Social. Zen Bedrooms will be featuring their line of mattress toppers as part of the promotion. The aim of the new deal campaign is to provide affordable solutions for those who cannot afford a new mattress.

Zen Bedrooms recognizes that buying a mattress is often an expensive enterprise. In fact, for many, buying a mattress is an investment of a lifetime, requiring years of hard work and savings. The simple truth is that buying a mattress is not an achievable dream for many consumers. With prices skyrocketing past $1,000, buying a mattress can seem impossible.

Zen Bedrooms hopes to that by providing a range of mattress toppers they can provide an alternative for those who cannot afford a new mattress. In particular, Zen Bedrooms will be featuring a foam mattress topper, among their range of mattress toppers. Zen Bedrooms has decided to feature a foam mattress topper, as opposed to feather, due to the popularity of their memory foam mattress.

Their featured foam mattress topper will be a therapeutic alternative to a new memory foam mattress, without the hefty price tag. With luxury in mind, the foam mattress topper has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with an existing mattress. The foam mattress topper should cover any sags, dips, or lumps, disguising undesirable qualities in a worn mattress. The foam mattress topper will help prolong the life of an old mattress by creating a therapeutic top layer without the full investment of a new mattress.

Zen Bedrooms’ past success with their memory foam mattress should serve as an example of the quality of their products and customer care. The Zen Bedrooms’ memory foam mattress has become a bestseller, quickly making Zen Bedrooms a leading purveyor of luxury bedding supplies. With a trusted reputation and proven commitment to the consumer, Zen Bedrooms hopes their online deal campaign for mattress toppers will provide a welcome alternative for customers who seek the feel of a luxury mattress at an affordable price.