Tamil Matrimonial website with Free Registration and 100000 Profiles with Photographs and Horoscopes

Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu, India, March 26, 2013 – In this release we talk about a Online Tamil Matrimonial service who where in the matrimonial services since 1998. They handle more than 100000 profiles with Photos and Horoscopes.

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Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu, India, March 26, 2013 – In this release we talk about a Online Tamil Matrimonial service www.multiinfomatrimonial.com who where in the matrimonial services since 1998. They handle more than 100000 profiles with Photos and Horoscopes.
In the latest computerized world where everything becomes very fast, online matrimony is emerging as a new trend in finding your life partner. Picking up a perfect life partner for their beloved ones is becoming a challenge for all parents. So Most of the parents are seeking the online matrimonial services to full fill their need. The challenge they face on the role of matrimony in picking a boy or girl on the basis of Religion, Caste, Age, Height, Profession, Income, City and Country is very tedious.
We Multiinfomatrimonial.com would like to introduce our self’s as the No.1 Tamil matrimony website in Tamilnadu. We exclusively designed our site for Tamil People, Tamil Religion &Tamil caste. We offer many free services through our website. The online registration in our website is totally free. With the free registration we collect detailed information of the Boy or Girl so that is will be very useful for the people to select the bride or Groom. The registration process is very simple and we have a call centre to help our clients in completing their registration process. Our staffs used to call our clients and get their free time to complete the registration. Once the registration process is completed the profile will go for a scanning process for verification. Once the verification is completed the profile will be uploaded and is set for view all over the world. This is how our service starts.
In our Multiinfomatrimonial.com portal we have may type of searches that it helps our clients to meet all their expectation in selecting their life partner. The Quick search based on Religion, caste, Age, Marital status and Location helps to have a quick look at the profiles we have at the specific Religion and Caste. This search will give you a overall picture of the profiles we have. With the Quick search option you can view the full bio-data of the profiles with the Photographs & Horoscopes of the boy or the girl.
We proudly say that there is a special feature in our website which no other matrimony website have i.e. The Star Matching software. With this software you can match the star of the Boy and the Girl and can produce the result with the number of poruthams they have. This Match making software will match the stars of both the bride and the grooms and produce the result with the matching they have. This Matching software is very useful for the Hindu religion people. This will reduce the effort of parents in such a way that they are able select a perfect life partner for their son or daughter.
The Advanced search option helps to meet your expectation in detail. In this search you can refine you search with your specific Sub caste, Location, Education expectation, Job expectation, Star expectation and Food expectation. The other searches are Search for Doctors, Search for Engineers, Search by profile ID, Search by Registered Date, Community search and Star search.
The Internet has opened the door to select their perfect match from their home itself. Yes we have many affordable and attractive membership plans that help to choose your life partner from your home. We have many attractive plans which help others to choose your profiles easily. The Home page profile is an attractive plan where we display your photo in the home page itself, so that people who steps into our home page can have detail view over your profile by clicking your photo. With this feature many boys and girls have got married soon.
We have a featured profile option also. The people who goes for this feature will be have their photo in our featured profile file. This is a specialised feature where we put a specific number of profile collection in the home page itself. This helps the people to have quick go through of the featured profile collections and select the profile from the home page itself. The next feature is the caste wise feature profile. In this feature the photos of boys and girls who offer this feature will be displayed at the top of the result page of their specific caste search. So this helps them to have a look of their photos and full profile at the beginning of the search itself.
The other options we have are the Profile highlighter. With this feature the person’s profile that opted this feature will be displayed first in the result of the refine search in a colour full manner. With the Matrimony booster feature we will send the profile of person who opted this to 200 people through SMS and E-mail. This helps them to expose their profile to 200 persons to know about them. This helps others to select their profile and contact them.
We are glad to say that our entire process is SMS and E-Mail integrated. The information’s of the person who select their profile will be sent to the specific person in a fraction of second with our SMS and E-mail integration. The other options we have in our website are you can express your interest to the profiles which you like through SMS and E-Mail.
We provide another free service also. If you have made a free registration in our site you will receive the information of the person who selects your profile at a free of cost. So, if you are still single and searching for a matrimonial alliance just register Your Profile Free in our online Tamil matrimonial website http://www.multiinfomatrimonial.comand get your dream life partner today!


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