Futurekids Day Care Emerges as Among the Best Childcare Burnaby Centers for Parents

The top childcare Burnaby center offers the best care for your young ones in a positive, supportive, and activity-centered environment.

Online PR News – 06-April-2013 – Coquitlam, British Columbia – Futurekids Center is one of the most trusted and reliable childcare Burnaby centers and the best place for fostering development of children through a meaningful curriculum. The center helps children in their care learn future skills through motivational activities imparted by professional and skilled staff members, who are carefully selected on the basis of their educational background, teaching experience, daycare training, and their sensitivity to the individual needs of each child.

Futurekids is one of the best preschools Port Moody according to parents who have had the opportunity to put their children under their care. Children learn best in their safe and supportive environment. They are constantly encouraged through rewards and praises. Their curiosity streaks and their quest for knowledge is satiated by a learned and experienced staff through exciting and highly effective learning methods.

The curriculum at Futurekids has been designed to include the best of various progressive programs, including Montessori, Brain Dance, Fun Family Phonics, Sidney Ledson and Reggio. These programs are developed with a lot of care to help children get more knowledge in the areas of aesthetic and artistic development, emotional and social development, intellectual and language development, physical development, and social responsibility.

The core curriculum at Futurekids also includes subjects like math, languages, science/cooking, history, geography, art, and health/fitness. There are additional elements that form part of the curriculum and include music, worksheets, small group activities, technology, field trips, and universal materials.

Every child is evaluated through a reporting system at the beginning of the school or when they start at Futurekids. A final evaluation is done at the end of school which gives parents a fair idea of the progress the child has undergone during the stint with Futurekids.

The professional teachers at Futurekids are aware that every child requires a different approach and no one-size-fits-all strategy can be used. The techniques used for achieving the best results with children include communicative techniques, preventive techniques, and holding techniques. Parents can provide their own suggestions, so that the best techniques that work for their own child can be used.

Futurekids Day Care has been serving the community for over two decades using techniques that are best suited for individual development of children. The best childcare Burnaby has been offering high-quality daycare service and provides parents the ideal place to leave their kids when they are away at work.

For more information about Futurekids Day Care and their services, visit http://futurekidsdaycare.ca.

Futurekids Daycare
600 Fairview Street, Coquitlam
British Columbia, V3J 4A7
Phone: 604 937 5212

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