Scientific Initiative on OMICS Group

Scientific credits are awarded to members of the Editorial Board based on the articles that are helpful for accelerating discoveries in science.

Online PR News – 05-April-2013 – 05-04-2013 – For the advancement of scientific discoveries, one of the foremost requisites is free flow of information and scopes for transferring knowledge and research collaborations. The Scientific Initiative of OMICS Group lies in removing barriers to scientific knowledge and providing platform for interaction of scientists. The open access journals by OMICS Publishing Group undergo a comprehensive review process, as the individual manuscripts submitted by study authors are evaluated to ensure genuine nature of research.

The OMICS journals cover various subjects and span about 250 titles that cover vast specializations and subject areas, according to the Scientific Initiative of OMICS Group. These include biology, earth sciences,astrophysics, environmental sciences, engineering and more prominently medical sciences; these cover neurology, diabetes, cancer therapy, integrative medicine, and others. The scientific meets enable comprehensive discussions about the branch of science connected to the conference.

The potential for scientific learning has increased with the advent of internet and sharing of content through the online medium. The free access to scientific journals online boosts the prospects of both learners and academicians. The Scientific Initiative of OMICS Group for various journals follow the norms of the Bethesda statement, and consequently the contents of the journal could be copied and transmitted among the members of scientific community with proper citation.

Conferences and symposiums are announced regularly as part of Scientific Initiative of OMICS Group. The logistics and venues of the respective events are arranged for by the OMICS Group in coordination with members of the specific committee, to ensure that there are world-class facilities for the proceedings that include panel discussions and poster presentations by delegates.

OMICS Group particularly plays a role in providing free scientific literature for students, averting the need to invest big in order to carry their research forward. The interaction among scientific community members and industry professionals is also vital for the growth of sciences.