Opens to the Public Helping Students Earn Money for College

At the end of last year a new site,, began making its online appearance and touting itself as an effective way for students to earn college money with the help of friends and family. It is now publicly available for students as a means of earning free money.

Online PR News – 04-April-2013 – Fortworth, TX – At the end of last year a new site,, began making its online appearance and touting itself as an effective way for students to earn college money with the help of friends and family. It first launched by invitation only as a beta-test in order to get user opinions and to work out any kinks in the program. It is now available to anyone looking for a free way to earn extra money for their college education. offers students the opportunity to sign up for a free account on their site that can be used to make everyday purchases that one would normally make online or in a store. The pricing is the same; the only difference is that the student earns a small percentage of money for every dollar they spend. Similar to frequent flyer miles and other money earning programs, enables students to earn money through the use of advertising and affiliate programs. Many people don’t realize that by clicking links online they are inadvertently allowing the sponsoring site to earn a few cents for their referral sale. In this case is the sponsoring site earning a small amount for advertising the link and allowing the customer, the student, to utilize it when shopping online. However, does it a little differently than the rest and deposits 50% or more of that money into the students Boostapal account. All money earned on a Boostapal account goes directly towards the student’s education fund to be used as needed.

The great part about the program is that students are not the sole earners on Boostapal. Students can send out invites to friends, family, and other supporters so that any purchases they make will go towards the student’s Boostapal account as well allowing the student to earn even more cash. As it is free for anyone to join there are only a few requirements: To be eligible an individual must be a full time student, be at least 13 years old, and not over the age of 25. Students under the age of 13 are still allowed to join the Boostapal program though as long as they have parental consent and supervision. In order for someone to become a student’s Booster the individual must be at least 17 years of age.

Earned Boosts are made available shortly after purchase and deposited by either check or through PayPal directly into the Boostapal accounts. The site makes it very simple to invite people to sponsor, or Boost, the student by supplying an “invite a friend link” that can be shared through email, text, or even on Facebook and Twitter. Instead of selling cookies and other supplies that a person may not actually need, a student can simply invite people to help sponsor them by signing up for their own free account.

The percentage of money earned is small and will most likely not pay for their college tuition, however, it will allow the student more freedom to succeed and help them through college with less than the average debt. In reality though the potential for earning money is unlimited, because a student gets out what they put in, and they may
have as many Boosters as they wish.

The founders, John and Jim Williamson, are optimistic about the program and see it as a tremendous opportunity for kids seeking help in funding their education. They are also planning for future growth and expect to offer bonuses, scholarships, and other
incentives for loyal Boostapal members.

John Williamson, Co-founder