SEECOL Releases the World's Most Popular Eco Friendly LED Spot Lamps

One of the most popular spot lamps worldwide are LED Spot Lamps with Economic and Eco Friendly features. SEECOL has taken a quantum leap forward and developed the all new Senator II to lead the market with led spot lamps of distinctive style.

Online PR News – 08-April-2013 – Bangalore/Karnataka – SEECOL has taken a quantum leap forward and developed the all new Senator II to lead the market with led spot lamps of distinctive style featuring high power L.E.D technology and other advanced features. The new LED Spot lamps challenge the traditional halogen lamps in both performance and price and are a ‘must have’ for Advantages like adopt high brightness and low light decline led, well-design of thermal structure, high transmittance lens, high efficiency constant current driver, long lifespan and features like no UV, no IR and other radiation, high efficiency and energy saving, only 25-50% power consumption compared with traditional lamp, long life, above 60,000 hours, no mercury& lead, halogen powder hazardous substances, no maintenance cost.

SEECOL’s LED Spot Lamps with powerful LED’s is available in either a powerful flood or hybrid flood beam pattern producing a smooth and even 2000 lumen light output. Where more light is required a high powered 5 W version is available in hybrid flood beam delivering an outstanding light output of 3200 lumen, approaching that of H.I.D light. The hybrid optic lens combines the performance of a flood beam with a spot beam delivering a versatile light pattern ideal for a wide range of applications.

The housing is ventilated to effectively cool the fully sealed internal LED module, maximizing the performance and life of the LED Spot Lamps. The unique design of the housing allows water to pass through without affecting the internal module which is sealed to IP66 standard.

Given the extreme conditions in which these LED Spot Lamps operate, the housing of this exciting new lamp is made of impact resistant reinforced nylon fitted with a quality rocker switch covered by a weatherproof boot. Mr. Harsha Murthy CEO of SEECOL explained reasons to use these LED Spot lamps and mentioned the below points.
Reasons to Use Led Spot Lamps

The invention of the led spot lamps and constant research in its improvements is considered to be a major breakthrough in the history of mankind. It has become a one-stop solution to many countries which face severe power shortages. Let us discuss the major benefits of installing these lights.

Economical: As compared to ordinary spot lamps or Halogens, led spot lamps consume comparatively lesser power and are more economical.

Environment-friendly: LED spot lamps are Eco-friendly lighting technology. Unlike the fluorescent lights which are made of filaments these lights are made of diodes. They do not emit any harmful or toxic agents in the environment.
Durable: Potential durability is yet another advantage of using LED's. It is known to last longer due to the use of diodes which accelerates the efficiency of the bulbs.

Brightness at Par: The led spot lamps are highly popular for their bright illumination. The area coverage of these lights is much more than fluorescent lights and Halogens. It also provides a better night visibility.

Uniform Light Throughout: A uniform brightness and illumination is very necessary for the dark streets. LED spot lamps have a cutting edge over its counterparts in terms of uniformity in brightness and illumination.

Low Maintenance: The high durability of these lights incurs lesser maintenance costs as compared to the other street lights. It can be used for years together and replacement of the bulbs is minimal. This also accounts a lot in cost saving.

Switches-on instantly: Unlike the fluorescent lights which takes time in getting the full brightness, led spot lamps gets switched on instantly with full brightness and light.

Shock-proof and cool: Being cool is considered to be a great attribute for all. This is where these lights beats its counterparts far behind. Since they are not made up glass the heat dissipation is negligible and can be touched. It is therefore used for growing indoor plants.

Maximum productivity: These LED spot lamps utilize minimum energy to provide ultimate brightness. Concentrated and uniform lighting source can be obtained through these lights at minimum costs.

SEECOL’s LED spot lamps are available from leading automotive and transport outlets throughout India.


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