Locals Celebrate The Fitness Suites’ Second Birthday

Locals Celebrate The Fitness Suites’ Second Birthday

Online PR News – 08-April-2013 – los angeles, CA – Locals Celebrate The Fitness Suites’ Second Birthday

Two years on and the thriving personal training centre is celebrating its second birthday despite the double dip recession.

Chris Ball, founder of The Fitness Suite says “We really found a niche that people needed”. Times have changed and more and more people are looking to personal trainers to understand the science of fitness. This social shift, coupled with the desire to be healthier, has “created the perfect environment for us to flourish” says Chris.

Fad diets have always been a favourite of the ‘yo-yo’ dieter however people are now realising that this form of weight loss isn’t sustainable. Infact, the majority of weight loss experienced on such diets usually comes from water. “We must focus on changing the body’s composition in order to increase our metabolic rate and the only way to do that is in the gym” Chris says.

“I created The Fitness Suite back in 2011 when I realised people had had enough of running endlessly on treadmills and not really getting any noticeable results” says Chris, “Fitness is and will always be a science” he goes on to explain. “A lot of people were questioning the cost of personal training, especially in our current climate so I thought that’s it… We will offer bespoke personal training at an affordable cost” and so The Fitness Suite ethos was born.

Chris believes the keys to success lay in a person’s motivation. “It is the ‘why’ we do something, not just the ‘what’ we need to do” that motivates a person to repeat the same behaviour. Here at The Fitness Suite all of our personal trainers focus on the whole being: the mind, body and soul not just the body. “If we can connect all three then a person is likely to achieve everything they hope for and more”.

The Fitness Suite is located in Elland and is looking to establish a new facility in Leeds this year. The Fitness Suite currently provides Halifax, Huddersfield and the surrounding areas of West Yorkshire with fully qualified personal trainers.

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