Valad Gives an Eco Friendly Message

Valad Business Solutions is a knowledge process outsourcing(KPO), Marine consultancy company set up by innovative and professional team of marine engineers to provide support to marine, ship management and other industries.

Online PR News – 08-April-2013 – Mumbai, Maharastra – Valad name had origin by plenty of value added services which provide the mixture of knowledge and experts that we posses. Valad provide a large range of value of different types of services like marine, offshore data entry work, Oil and gas industries.
Valad mission is to become a world class marine outsourcing service provider and Vision is to provide high quality marine outsourcing solution in most cost effective way via collaboration and partnership.
Advantages of outsourcing can be summarized as follows:
• The management utilizes their skills where it is needed most – to grow the business.
• Overheads are reduced as back office work is outsourced to lower cost specialist service provider.
• Capital investment in back office resources is reduced and available funds can be used more productively to boost company earnings. The skills of the specialist partner are available to the company to further reduce costs.
• Customized solutions for clients – processes are seamlessly integrated with the client’s work flow.
With Digitization of services we are in trying to help the global work force for a cause “Go Green” which is also Valad’s Corporate Social Responsibility.
In today’s computer based offices, there’s really no excuse to kill a tree every time we need to read a document. When it comes to environment, one of the key areas wherein most offices can improve is on the pile of paper discarded by the network printer. Let us print only when it’s utmost necessary and make full use of paper by printing on both sides. Reviewing, proof-reading and editing documents on computer before printing helps in reducing paper wastage. Before printing, reducing the font-size & removing needless pictures from the document, too helps. Color printing should be avoided. While buying printer paper, recycled paper with minimum chlorine bleaching should be preferred.
Our core expertise lies in bridging the needs of organizations globally. Our management team has a deep understanding of the working practices, cultural difference, vendor relationships, organization structures, statutory issues, and so on of many nations globally.
There are a number of differences in each of these practices that we have bridged to successfully enable our objectives. By providing this bridge or infrastructure we have eliminated the need for our customers to go through the cost-prohibitive learning curve involved and trying to overcome the challenges on their own.