AFRICA MUST THINK by Dr. Samuel Koranteng-Pipim

This book was written by Dr. Samuel Koranteng-Pipim, an inspirational speaker and prolific writer who has authored more than 16 other previous works.

Online PR News – 06-April-2013 – Ypsilanti/Michigan – EAGLESonline Books is pleased to announce the release of its latest publication, Africa Must Think: Thought Nuggets on Africa (ISBN: 978-1-890014-20-9). It retails in the USA at $8.99 (plus S&H).

This book was written by Dr. Samuel Koranteng-Pipim, an inspirational speaker and prolific writer who has authored more than 16 other previous works. Dr. Pipim has touched individuals and groups by voice and pen for over twenty-five years, and through Africa Must Think, delivers 30 hard-core messages to challenge and inspire. Anyone who seeks to understand Africa’s problem and desires to be part of its future MUST purchase and read this latest work.

Africa Must Think addresses Africa and Africans without regard to age, gender, nationality, or residential address. It dares the African status quo and presents bold, new initiatives as the roadmap to achieving the continent’s long-overdue success.

Although the title calls upon “Africa” to think, discerning readers will immediately recognize that this work is actually speaking to all continents! The work transcends Africa and Africans, and in a collective call to humanity, the author said: “Although I write as a Ghanaian, African or Black person, the world is my audience. For I write as a citizen of the world to come.”

None can claim busyness as a reason to not read this timely work, for it was written with the modern-day reality of time constraints in mind. Its 96 pages are numbered chronologically, yet it does not matter if you read this book from front to back, or just flip a page open at random. The book begins and ends with poems. Written in short nugget-style format, each chapter is deep and probes in-depth a sub-theme of problems and solutions for the continent using thought-provoking quotes, questions, and comments by some of the world’s best thinkers of all time. Hence, it is useful for reflection, motivation, individual reading, group discussions, classroom teaching, and for a variety of other different audiences.

Perhaps the best way to give a flavor of the book and the nugget-style format is to reproduce chapter 3 of the book in its entirety. It’s titled “The True Africa”:

Instead of raising millionaires and billionaires, we’ve succeeded in producing nillionaires (people with a lot of nothing or people with next to nil). The richest continent in the world is inhabited by the poorest people on the globe. Mediocrity is the new standard of excellence. PHD means “Pull Him Down” or “Pull Her Down.” We excel at hammering those who stand out. And we clip the wings of our soaring eagles so they can become chickens like us. This is Africa. It is not the Africa that ought to be. Somebody must ask “Why?” By asking this question, we can begin to address the “what” and “how” solution to our African problem.

Dr. Pipim is not just an amazing speaker and best-selling author; he is an African through and through. He presents Africa Must Think as not just a book, but a pocket reference and compass for 30 days for everyone interested in growth and development.

You have to purchase this book and read for yourself the profound themes around which the volume is woven. It also makes a perfect gift. A fitting tribute to Africa’s ability to think, and a challenge to utilize that ability to chart a better future for itself, Africa Must Think is a must-read for every African, whether one by birth or association.

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