Worst Symptoms of Constipation Can Now be Controlled Easily with RezVera Company Says

RezVera is a specially formulated, all-natural supplement that combats constipation

Online PR News – 05-April-2013 – Grandville/Michigan – According to The University of Michigan Health Systems, nearly 30 percent of the general population including men, women, and children experience the worst symptoms of constipation at least once in their lives -- meaning fewer than three bowel movements a week, dry or hard stools, or straining excessively when using the toilet. Like other gastrointestinal ailments, Constipation can affect everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or socioeconomic status. The end result is a sometimes embarrassing and painful episode difficult to diagnose and treat. But a new dietary supplement called RezVera is known to control the worst symptoms of Constipation and can taken as long as symptoms persist.

What makes RezVera effective is its proprietary formula of more than a dozen all-natural ingredients including resveratrol, Aloe vera, and digestive enzymes that not only smoothes the digestive system resulting in easier bowel movements, but helps restore the digestive system to natural working order within a few hours of being ingested.

“There's nothing worse than thinking you have to go the bathroom -- knowing you have to go to the bathroom -- but not being able to” a company spokesperson said recently. “That happens for a lot of different reasons, but when the digestive system is upset, normal bowel movements are pretty much out of the question. We came up with a very effective remedy which thousands of people have used successfully.”

Aloe Vera juices, extracted from the plant of the same name, are an important ingredient known as one of the top natural remedies for Constipation, and is also believed to improve a person’s general well being. Resveratrol, found in berries and red wine, has been shown in a recent study by Harvard Medical School to prevent cells from aging at an unnatural rate, and also helps maintain healthy blood vessels, fights cholesterol and blood clots, and boosts natural energy levels. The Digestive Enzymes in each dose of RezVera help multiply the body’s natural supply, making it easier for the digestive system to efficiently break down food and minimize pressure on the bowels.

RezVera has no known side effects and can be taken once or twice a day with water. People who suffer from allergies are encouraged to read the ingredients list to make sure they will not have an adverse reaction to anything in the product, and consult a doctor if questions arise.

Thousands of satisfied customers have written to the company about how well RezVera works, including Dawn D. who said, “Most natural bodily functions are embarrassing enough to most women, but when something like Constipation happens, it's even worse. A friend recommended RezVera when nothing else seemed to work, and I'm happy to say that it really does. Thank you, RezVera.”

About RezVera

RezVera is a dietary supplement that uses a combination of Aloe Vera and more than a dozen other ingredients to help get the digestive system working again. For more details, visit the company website at http://rezvera.com.

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