Dr. Jenny R. Susser Announces 'Riding With Confidence' Clinic April 20+21/2013

"Riding with Confidence" Clinic Back by popular demand! April 20 & 21, 2013 on the campus of Michigan State University. Contact person: Connie Esposito at president@midwestdressage.org

Online PR News – 04-April-2013 – East Lansing Michigan – Dr. Jenny R.Susser's clinic is about RIDING BETTER MENTALLY!

Fear is real, and it can be paralyzing. Technically, fear is our mental (and subsequently physical) response to a real threat. Anxiety, by the way, occurs without a real or external threat, but is powerful just the same. Our minds and bodies develop “muscle memory” to our fears and anxieties and before you know it, all one has to do is think about riding and the body responds with sweaty palms, elevated heart and breathing rates, and that pit in your stomach. Riding with fear is something many of us do everyday because we love our horse enough to withstand the discomfort—and mostly hope that it will just go away some day.This clinic goes right to the heart of this issue, along with dealing with "show nerves"and has been rated as excellent.

“Riding With Confidence” is a 2-day clinic for riders given by Dr. Jenny R. Susser. Start off both days with an hour-long lecture on Sport Psychology and begin forming a new foundation of mental toughness. It is about how to improve focus and self-confidence, two integral parts of riding better mentally. Dr. Jenny R. Susser helps develop confidence. If riding is too much anxiety to think of, one can audit and learn from those on their horses…Then, finish out the day with a Q & A discussion, a great way to solidify the learning from the day.
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Dr. Jenny R. Susser Dr. Jenny Susser has a doctoral degree in Clinical Health Psychology, is New York State licensed, and specializes in Sport Psychology. Dr. Jenny was a four-year All-American swimmer and then assistant coach at UCLA, swam on two national teams, and at the 1988 Olympic Trials. She also competed nationally and internationally on the National Championship Los Angeles County Lifeguard Surf Racing Team for six years. She has worked with Division I collegiate teams such as UCLA, USC, and Hofstra University; and has worked with athletes of all sports and ages, professional, international, and amateur. In addition to private practice, Dr. Jenny worked at the Women’s Sports Medicine Center at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City for six years before moving to eastern Long Island. She has conducted research on athletic injury recovery, investigating the use of mental imagery on recovery.

Dr. Jenny’s work with equestrians continues to grow, this year she was named the USEF Team Sport Psychologist and was honored to work with the 2012 Olympic Dressage Team in their preparations for the London Olympics. In 2010, she was the Team Psychologist for the South African Para Dressage Team and worked individually with some of the American athletes at the World equestrian Games in Kentucky. Her work with Lendon Gray and Dressage4Kids is important and fun, and always a part of her schedule. She works with some of the top Young Riders and Juniors in the country, FEI trainers and competitors, and Adult Amateurs all over the country. She remains active out of the pool these days by running and riding her horses.

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