‘Modulo SMS’ and ‘Modulo Virtual POS’ on netech.it

Netech.it highlights on its homepage the new products of the company: Modulo SMS’ and ‘Modulo Virtual POS’

Online PR News – 06-April-2013 – Padua, 02 April 2013 – New products on the website of Netech, the Italian web agency situated in Veneto. On the home page netech.it there are in plain view two new services powered by the company: ‘Modulo SMS’ and ‘Modulo Virtual POS’.

‘Modulo SMS’ is a software solution for sending and receiving text messages on the web. It enables the creation of a contact list and the subdivision of the list in groups. Thanks to this application the mailing of the messages could be set on different moments, furthermore ‘Modulo SMS’ gives the possibility to send more than one message at the same time and to see the statistics of all the messages sent, to check the delivery of the SMS all over the world and to receive messages from remote-control devices.

‘Modulo Virtual POS’ is useful for the management of credit cards cash through the website. In this way the virtual POS software verifies the credit card number and withdraws the payment by accrediting it to your account. This application makes easier the payment and above all there will be no need to communicate your account number and the client will not pay anymore with bank transfer. This application is available in the standard version as well as in advanced version.

Netech has been working for more than 30 years in the field of web development for many different companies, on the basis of their business core. The company of Padua and Belluno is a web agency leader in software applications, management systems, intranet and extranet solutions.

50 experts composing Netech drive the company towards the web world, providing solutions to any technical problems also for e-commerce websites, as well as suggesting ideas for business to business and business to client, together with mobile applications for tablets and smart phones. Netech is leader in the designing of software architecture and development, website assistance, hosting and hardware solutions. They provide mail and PEC services, SMS applications to send messages via web, as well as project management, web design and build, mobile and native apps, software application for the organization of production, human resources, distribution process, marketing plan, services and products of a company. To sum up, Netech is at the same time a software house and a creative agency, showed by the fact that it has designed more than 700 websites for business clients.