New Pay And Display Website For The Rich Kids

A new website,, is now up and running. Aimed at those who want to splash a bit of cash, the site provides a unique way to aid in your pursuit of ultimate player status.

Online PR News – 05-April-2013 – London, Greater London – Following on from the Rich Kids of Instagram and the Million Dollar Homepage, comes an altogether new website aimed at those with money to spend. Status-One has recently been gathering attention amongst those who really want to show off their wealth. The website is essentially a photo sharing platform; with the catch being users have to pay to be on it! The user who pays the most is placed in the top spot and all others are ranked accordingly. But here’s the thing, the amount the user has paid is displayed on their profile!

Users are posting their outlandish photos of expenses and acquisitions to the site in true rich kid fashion, some entertaining, some just outright ludicrous! With new accounts being opened daily and top bids already reaching hundreds of dollars it’s one to watch. The question is, how high will someone go?

Status-One is owned and operated by Cahhu Limited, a UK based company. Quoting Mr Garvie, Director; “It's a simple but enjoyable website, one which is easy to use and provides entertainment, not just for its members but for the general public”…continued… “Anyone can view site content, however, to get on the board costs money.”

How much? Well that depends on your desired position. To be in the Status-One spot currently would cost over one hundred dollars.

With the website being dynamic and all positions updating with new or existing user bids, success at the top can be short lived!