CortiSLIM® Launches New Social Network and Mobile App for its Customers

CortiSLIM® International announces the launch of its new social network, CortiSLIM Social TM, as well as a new app designed to provide access for its mobile customers, CortiSLIM Mobile TM.

Online PR News – 05-April-2013 – laguna niguel/california – LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., March 5, 2013 – CortiSLIM® International announces the launch of its new social network, CortiSLIM Social TM, as well as a new app designed to provide access for its mobile customers, CortiSLIM Mobile TM.

CortiSLIM Social TM allows its members to engage each other around a focused theme of stress, weight management, fitness and general wellness. Members who join can create groups where they can communicate, learn and share ideas relevant to their health and fitness needs, upload and share photos and videos, create blogs and forums, live chat, view activities on the network, view and create events and invite their friends, and so much more. "CortiSLIM Social TM will allow us to gain much more insight into what our customer's wants and needs are and will support our social branding strategy. ", says Sue Meyers, CortiSLIM® President. "We believe that providing our customers with a place to engage each other will add value for them while they address their common concerns of stress and weight management.", she continues.

CortiSLIM® also launched a new mobile app as CortiSLIM Mobile TM, a complimentary and integral component to CortiSLIM Social TM that connects its users as an App on iPhone and Android, as well as being HTML5 Compliant.

Consumption of mobile content continues to accelerate with the continued penetration of mobile devices, which is estimated to be around 1 billion as of the 3rd quarter of 2012. At the same time, form factors continue to push the screen size of these devices up, with smart phones now pushing past 5 inches. These are encouraging trends and a huge potential from the perspective of brand building. From this perceptive, mobile delivery of value added content does two things - it supports a broader audience that is on the move and is not encumbered by stationary desktops, while at the same time improves the content consumption experience on a platform that is increasingly the defecto means by which to consume content. You go to an airport and it's become increasingly obvious that many people with their heads down are looking right into their smart phones while they consume content.

CortiSLIM Mobile TM will allow members of CortiSLIM Social TM to access:

top health and fitness related podcasts
top health and fitness blogs
top health and fitness video workouts and Yoga

The app will also allow its users to
communicate with each other via CortiSLIM Social TM
check into places
update status
get push notifications from CortiSLIM®
view and share photos
view and upload videos
view blog postings from other members as well as those described above
Listen to podcasts
view and edit profile
view latest activities from other CortiSLIM Social TM members
send and receive messages to other CortiSLIM Social TM members
view and schedule events
search for places nearby (maps and list view mode) - nightlife spots, arts & entertainment, food, schools, outdoors & recreation, professional, Shops and Services, travel & transportation lots of other info
get updates on deals and coupons from CortiSLIM®
purchase CortiSLIM® Products
promote deals from CortiSLIM® as well as CortiSLIM® partners
learn about new products and services from CortiSLIM® partners
Purchase product from CortiSLIM® partners
"We also see CortiSLIM Mobile TM as a platform for extending and strengthening our relationships with our retail and distribution partners while providing our customers with new and alternative means for accessing their products and services.", says Sue Meyers. CortSLIM® seeks to leverage this new mobile platform as a means of attracting new partners, allowing them to promote and offer their complimentary products through coupon deals.

About CortiSLIM®

CortiSLIM® provides high-quality, innovative and well-researched nutritional supplements that help support a healthy lifestyle, which includes stress management, diet and fitness. CortiSLIM® sells its unique brand of weight-loss and stress management supplement products directly to consumers through the company’s website CortiSLIM® also works with select retailers in the US and around the world.
Retailers wishing to carry these health supplements are encouraged to contact company President, Sue Meyer at 1-888-708-SLIM (7546).