Keyboard Clutter - Man & Machine Offers Solution for a Better Working Environment

Noise at work is disturbing and has a negative effect on employees, their work and motivation. But there are solutions to decrease the noise at work and to create a better working environment.

Online PR News – 04-April-2013 – Haarlem (The Netherlands), April 2013 – The phone is ringing. A fax is beeping. Loud music from the radio. A lively chat at the opposite desk. Keyboard.clatter.

Everyone is familiar with these noises at work; however the clicking noise of the keyboards often dominates the acoustic environment. Even though superficially this seems to be a low priority issue, the demand for silent input devices is high and growing. Man & Machine, the leading manufacturer of hygienic silicone keyboards, is familiar with this problem and is very aware of this increasing demand for low-noise keyboards.

There is reliable evidence that noise level does have a significant impact on the stress level of employees and their motivation. Consequently, staff productivity is considerably lower. The noise produced in the workplace can have serious consequences, for example a higher sick leave rate, more frequent accidents and stress. Studies on this subject show that noise is the main complaint of employees which is understandable when we consider the problems it causes. The American Society on Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers recommends a noise level between 48 and 52 DB. Several field studies, however, recorded levels of up to 60 DB. At this level sounds become noise and considered disturbing. This noise is generated by devices such as phones, copying machines and computers, but importantly it is the clicking noise of the keyboards that is considered irritating and bothersome. And it would be wrong to say that we just have to live with this feature of 21st Century life– there is a solution.

The silicone keyboards manufactured by Man & Machine are almost silent in use. Especially in an open plan office, where one expects a lot of typing and talking, the use of such silent devices delivers a lot of benefit to the employees and therefore also to the company and its clients. One advantage over noise-reducing plastic keyboards is that the clicking noise of finger nails is also inaudible. In addition, the keyboards can be easily cleaned and thoroughly disinfected – but that’s a whole new occupational health topic.