Tea Lovers Lapping Up Exciting New App to Blend Their Own Tea and Put Their Image and Name on it

UniqTeas.com is the only company using a breakthrough system that allows anyone to create their own tea and packaging for gifts, weddings and other events, or just for their own enjoyment.

Online PR News – 05-April-2013 – New York – New York, NY, April 03, 2013 -- In the past, tea lovers could only choose from tea blends that were available on the supermarket shelf. Now anyone can create a unique blend of organic, fair trade teas from around the world, and then simply and easily customize its package, naming and photo.

“People love it. We have customers creating their own UniqTeas for weddings and other events, for business gifts, for Holiday gifts and just to serve to their friends,” Said Michael Caraway, Co-founder and CEO. “The indieGoGo.com was created to allow us to add the custom printing equipment we need to be able to produce more custom packaging, and keep up with the orders we are receiving daily. We are offering some really attractive rewards to contributors, including their own custom blended teas in beautiful tins, teaball infusers, and samplers”.

UniqTeas has just increased its blendable tea list to 50 teas (10 from each of its five main categories), all of which can be blended together, providing more than 100,000 blends in all. Guidance is provided to help selection in the form of a unique flavor profile that changes as you adjust the tea blends.

Once a blend has been selected, the buyer names the blend and can add a description and photo that is added to the packaging.

Buyers can order one tea blend package or hundreds, which makes this new innovation perfect for everyone, from the tea enthusiast who wants to explore a range of flavor blends that are just not available, to businesses that want to send out gifts with their logo to their customers, to brides and grooms who want to give their guests a truly memorable gift. Every blend and pack design is archived, so the buyer can come back and purchase at any time. If their friends like the blend, they too can order, provided the original buyer agrees.

IndieGoGo.com campaign link: http://igg.me/at/uniqteas

Campaign period: Starts on: March 25th Ends on: April 21st
Press sampling service or more information: michael@uniqteas.com

About UniqTeas.com:
For years we have loved blending teas to create new flavor experiences. But it’s taken us a long time to select the best teas available; teas that are flavorful, brew well, and are eco and grower friendly.

A few months ago we decided to help all the other tea drinkers out there experience blends that they create to fit their own unique tastes. We remove the risk by providing guidance and helping our customers to mix suitable flavor combinations.

Once our customers create their blend, we package it in an air tight canister, and add their personal choice of name, description and photo.

The result is a UniqTeas blend that shows your personal style and taste.

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Michael Caraway
New York, NY