Turkish Airlines announces its big deal…

Turkish Airlines, a Star Alliance member, forges ahead on being unrivalled in Europe with adding 117 Airbus airplanes to its fleet…

Online PR News – 05-April-2013 – Gurgaon, Haryana, India – A giant purchase decision of 117 aircrafts…
Turkish Airlines, a Star Alliance member, forges ahead on being unrivalled in Europe with adding 117 Airbus airplanes to its fleet…
Being the fastest growing carrier of the world, Turkish Airlines has become one of the biggest airline companies in aviation industry. New aircrafts are announced to be joined in our fleet.
The most rapidly expanding airline company, Turkish Airlines is continuing to increase its share in the global aviation market and as the airline’s Board of Directors announced 117 airplanes will be joined to the existing fleet. According to the decision of the Board Directors today, 25 A321, 4 A320 NEO, 53 A321 NEO and options for 35 additional A321 NEO will be delivered by 2015.
With the deal of these new aircrafts, the fleet number of Turkish Airlines will reach to 375 in total, including cargo airplanes. And the average fleet age will decrease to 5 from it’s current figure 6.6, by the end of 2020.
Qualities Of Aircrafts
Corrosion-resistant material is used in these fuel-efficient aircraft bodies. The aircrafts possess the latest technology. They also have such kind of opportunities as easy maintenance and low operating costs. A significant cost advantage is provided with the preference of narrow-body A321 Family which includes the most efficient aircrafts as per seat. Addition to this, more flight destinations can be easily achieved with the range advantage of A321 NEO.
Type Max
Weight (Ton) Range (km) Speed (km/hour) Seat
A321-200 89 4100 858 180
A320 NEO 73,5 5000 858 150
A321 NEO 89 4400 858 188

Number Of Aircraft And Seat Capacity
The existing aircraft number of Turkish Airlines is currently consisted of 211 airplanes which will increase to 235 by the end of this year.
117 ordered aircrafts have 21.644 seat capacity in total and this number will be redoubled to more than twice when currently existing 37.800 seat capacity included in.

Number Of Passengers
Turkish Airlines carried 39 million passengers in last year, it is expected to reach 46 million passengers by the end of this year and 90 million passengers by the end of 2020. Turkish Airlines had nearly 8 billion dolars amount of turnover in last year and it is aimed over 18 billion dolars amounted turnover by the end of forthcoming seven years.

Personnel In Figures
As per today, 15.679 personnel has been serving in various positions as cockpit crew, cabin crew, technicians and etc. in Turkish Airlines. Predicted staff number by 2020 will be nearly 29.000 due to the potential staff shortage depending the accession of new aircraft orders to the existing fleet. This approximate number will be consisted about 5.758 pilots, 12.452 cabin personnel, 970 technicians and other 9.765 staff. Important steps are being taken for the essential plannings to meet this need and increase the efficiency.

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