Give the lady a hand. Puppet Aunty G is here to stay!

What does a 15 inch puppet and life’s daily dilemmas have in common?...Aunty G of course. She is the latest creation of Laraib Raza a young Filmmaker from Glasgow.

Online PR News – 04-April-2013 – Glasgow, London – The Aunty G Show is a new British comedy web series based around the daily life of puppet Aunty G.

She is an elderly Asian hand puppet who unfortunately has suffered numerous difficulties in her life which have molded her into a timid, shy person with little confidence. She then decides to make her own online show to reach out and talk to people and tackles this with humour and insight.

Originating from Glasgow’s Govanhill, Aunty G's creator Laraib Raza, knows all too well about strength in adversity. In February 2011, just shy of her twentieth birthday, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. Fortunately after suffering six gruelling months of chemotherapy she successfully survived as was given the all clear.

Never the type to dwell however Laraib is passionate about raising awareness of cancer and other real-world subjects to more young people; all with Aunty G by her...on her hand!
“I wanted to create a light-hearted media that could educate as well as entertain,” says Raza, “Aunty G focusses on real life issues like current affairs, advice and ‘taboo’ topics which are rarely discussed but are very important.”
Developed in association with website, the series is shot and edited by Laraib and her cast at CrazeTivity Productions.

Aunty G is also already a media darling; attending a business awards show last month, a double spread feature in the Glasgow Evening Times, 3x pre-launch videos reaching nearly 500x views in their first three days, partnerships with two charities prepared and a potential radio show in the works.
So with such a hectic schedule the next most obvious question would be how does Aunty G cope with her new-found fame? “She loves it!” Replies Laraib. “She proves that problems don’t last forever and help and comedy can come from anywhere”…or in any form, thank you Aunty G.

The launch episode is at 20.00, April 3 2013 on the Official Website.