Datacenters.Pro (London, UK) offers secured business broadband services in London,UK!

Datacenters.Pro (London, UK) is one of the leading service providers offering the best and secured data center, colocation and business broadband services.

Online PR News – 02-April-2013 – London – Datacenters.Pro (London, UK) offers a broad variety of Data Centre or Colocation and Business Broadband services to its customers and other Data Center consumers. The Data Centre itself is designed to be a state-of-the-art facility with compliance to international standards. Data centre or London Colocation provides backbone network of various information systems and house very dense computer systems and interconnected components.Click here for information on data center services offered

Data Center offers the most efficient Data Centre infrastructure with superior technology and innovative Data Center solutions. The modular technology promises to deliver 24x7 performance, even while the equipment is maintained or being replaced. These London Colocation centers are built with such care that they are most energy efficient and environment friendly.

London Colocation ( center has a range of capacities and with real-time monitoring systems in place, SLAs can be met at all times. This facility has World Class Data Center infrastructure and innovative solutions to drive the business.

The Data Centre would be a state-of-the-art housing business critical IT-gear facilitating complete outsourcing of IT services. Data Center offers a plethora of managed and unmanaged Business Broadband services to their customers and businesses.

Why choose (London, UK)?

• Carrier Neutral - When a client hosts a mission critical IT infrastructure and Business Broadband applications, he/she need not worry about network accessibility. With the Dual active paths for network, any possibility of downtime has virtually been eliminated.

• Uninterrupted Power Supply - The data centre facility offers clients uninterrupted power and this ensures to provides 99.995% uptime promised.

• Cost Benefits - As data proves to be critical for businesses today leading to increasing number of Data Centre or London Colocation centers with various deployment options available to choose from, cost acts a major factor to differentiate one from the other and provides value for money and customers gain from the pricing.

• Uptime SLA - Through a 99.995% uptime SLA in Data Centre or Colocation, there is assurance of almost unbroken access to data.

• Security - IT Infrastructure security is an important criteria for running a data centre or Colocation and business broadband services in an effective manner. Measures have been taken to protect the client’s data and applications from various threats.

Business Broadband services -

At Datacenters.Pro (London, UK) standard certified procedures are followed to ensure the Data Centre or London Colocation customers are benefited to the maximum possible way.

Data centre or London Colocation and business broadband services address the needs with customized options and business broadband solutions. and assures quality services within time and budget.

Colocation Services

Data centre or London Colocation has become a popular option for companies with midsize IT needs—especially those in Internet related business—because it allows the company to focus its IT staff on the actual work being done, instead of the logistical support needs which underlie the work.

A range of Colocation cabinets, shared and dedicated modules and customer dedicated Data Centre or Colocations are in the offerings.

- Data Center offers fully managed London Colocation and Business Broadband services where the customers will have complete flexibility and control of their server and application while the London Colocation Team will take care of monitoring and management of power, Business Broadband, and security.

- Transparency in services and scalable, flexible solutions are provided.

- A managed cost effective solution when it comes to backing up the mission critical data. Business values include low operational costs and increased responsiveness. Lower network latency and higher bandwidth at a lower cost.

Datacenters.Pro (London, UK) (London) is a certified and competent Colocation data centre or Colocation SMEs and have proven experience in Business Broadband centre or London Colocation and Business Broadband services provide highly secure, protected, and environmentally controlled London Colocation facilities to maintain critical data, server operating applications, network, and communications assets.

Datacenters.Pro (London, UK) Colocation facilities offer unmatched security and reliability for client’s mission critical applications and systems. The Colocation facilities are built to a 2N standard, meaning there are no single points of failure that could impact the main production infrastructure or its failover. As a result, they have a much higher level of reliability.

There is a broad base of technical and operational expertise in Data Centre or Colocation solutions, planning, site selection, physical security, data centre or Colocation infrastructure cost estimation, contract negotiations, implementation and consolidation & green Data Centre or London Colocation and Business Broadband services.

Disaster Recovery Services

Datacenters.Pro (London, UK) provides the Disaster Recovery service, where data centre or London Colocation customers don't have to worry about losing their mission critical data. In order to preserve the technology and information critical to the organization, DR planning is required.

Data Center provides customized DR services to blend with data centre or London Colocation Customers requirements. The DR site need not be kept idle, it can also be used for load balancing.
Intelligent Data Centre or Colocation Security

A safe and secure data centre or London Colocation center is a necessity in today's world. Data Center provides such a facility and safe guards the client’s operations at all times. For maximum efficiency and productivity, and to gain customer's confidence, it is necessary to have security in place. In Datacenters.Pro (London, UK), all the Data Center modules are specially built having this in mind.


Galvanized steel shelled modules and hardened tops ensure security for the external structure. These modules are easily portable and can be deployed almost anywhere.

Alarming system:

Automated monitoring software in data centre or Colocation protects data by detecting and raising alarm during any unusual events. This monitoring runs continuously and will help data centre or London Colocation customers to overcome any critical issues affecting the Data Centre or London Colocation center.

Data Storage:

The real-time monitoring also stores data in a central repository for analysis at a later stage. This will help to analyze and take steps pro-actively to avoid any further issues.

Access Control:

User access can be checked and controlled using the software. This ensures only authorized and privileged staff can access confidential information.

Data Center follows standard operating procedure and thus security is always assured. All Data Center or London Colocation centers offer business broadband solutions that can be customized for specific security requirements.

Business Broadband Services

Customized to suit their needs, this business broadband service provider also doubles up as an array of business broadband services to empower their business.
More on the services offered -

Why Datacenters.Pro (London, UK) Business Broadband Services?

Data center provides a single, unified business broadband interface that brings the complete spectrum of e–solutions, including business broadband Internet bandwidth, domain registration, mailing solutions and data centre or colocation services.

Value Added Services

Along with superior Internet connectivity, Business broadband also comes with an attractive bouquet of value added services to make the business broadband experience more fulfilling - Free Anti virus, Educational packages, Travel ticket booking, Utility Bill Payment, Mobile recharge etc.

Multiple Renewal Options

To make the account renewal process simple and hassle-free for business broadband customers, there are multiple renewal options available. Business Broadband customers can now renew their business broadband account online through the Business broadband website, by calling data centre colocation customer care.

Reliable Speed

Business broadband offers broadband Business broadband plans with high speeds. Also get 99.9% uptime for uninterrupted Business broadband connectivity.

24x7 Support

A team of dedicated and qualified business broadband service executives are available 24/7 to help data centre or London colocation customers with their business broadband issues. Business broadband users have multiple avenues to get in touch with the data centre or colocation customer care - through call, sms and email.

Advantageous Business Broadband Services

Unlimited Business Broadband

The Business demands are met with a heavy-duty business broadband service that can cope even with bandwidth-hungry applications like VoIP and videoconferencing. Business Broadband Unlimited is genuinely unrestricted so that one will never face usage limits or charges.

Premier Business Broadband

This company offers premium broadband connections so to make customer's vital applications and performance faster and effective.

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